Slumber cut-off


And this is probably my last post for today. I should be sleeping right now being that I gotta work tonight but had to drag my butt to the kitchen to prepare the lil one's meal for tonight. The crocpot has been on since eight this morning and I just added potatoes, green peas, corn and gravy in it earlier. In two hours or so, it is ready. A sumptuous dinner for the family.

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And since  I already did my purpose for cutting off my slumber, I guess it would be better off for me to go back to bed. Gotta wake up again in three hours to get ready for work.

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Fun Fashion Food Folks said...

I just moved to Walker/Denham Springs and I'm looking for a circle of Filipinos to connect with. I miss my friends back in Virginia & West Virginia who were a part of the FIL-AM MINISTRY. We had birthdays & all sorts of celebrations almost every weekend.I loved our potlucks because it gave me a chance to have Filipino chow that I don't know how to cook. It's really important for me to maintain my culture because we have a young daughter whom I have yet to bring back to the Philippines to meet my dad (her lolo). I was born & raised there in Baguio & Manila. Please tell me if there's any organizations here in BR that I can join to connect with Filipino Americans! THANKS! I would very much appreciate your connecting me or just acknowledging my reaching out. My email address is

Fun Fashion Food Folks said...

Hello! I just moved to Walker/Denham Springs. I'm looking to connect with the Filipino American community here. It's always important to me to be able to share our culture with our daughter whom I have yet to bring to the Philippines to meet my dad (her lolo). Back in Virginia, we were a part of the FIL AM MINISTRY. I hope you'll let me know of Fil Am organizations in the BR area that I may check out or join. Your help to connect me & my family is immense! THANK YOU in advance. Please email me at

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Lira! Kamusta naman ang busy career woman? Hope you are doing fine. Take care

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Lira! How are you?