Renewal time


Pretty soon, the husband is going to renew out auto insurance. It is expiring next month. Early renewal is best to avoid procrastinating and penalties from the authorities.Time flies so fast. Before, it was just the hubby who's covered, seven months ago since I started driving, he added me in the auto insurance. From then on, I solely drive the car as he got his own.

Just wondering if the gas price which is so high this time would affect the insurance rate. Any idea about this? I just hope not because it is gonna tear off the husband's wallet again.

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

pastilan! wa jud diay tuod update. hahaha. mingaw man si sheriff gud, wala nagpaulan. waaaah!

i-add ko ni sa akong bag-o nga blag lir. ang site. nag-wordpress kunohay ko. i-add pud ko inig maka-higayon ka ha? tsalamat! :)