Back from a respite...

...or shall I say, a very long hiatus since my pregnancy! Blogging has been my constant day to day activity and for a reason of becoming wealthy (LOL), blogging and EC dropping has been on hold. Nevertheless, I am happy to be back though I can not promise to be regular.

Since becoming a tax payer myself (one month), a working enthusiast I mean, getting online for an hour or so is so rare. When I am online, only few things are done -- check inbox, glance at Facebook and visit some sites where the moolah is. That's it! Not even an hour of net surfing. I haven't talked to my family yet, and have been longing to have a long conversation with them.

Tons have changed in my household, too. The house needs thorough cleaning! SPIC and SPAN! TLC! There's too much to take care of but I can only do lil household chores.  After work, I wanna just spend time with the lil one and attend her needs, coping up with the lost time together, eight hours and minutes. Afternoon is sacred to me, it's my sleeping time. I need a minimum of six hours of sleep before hitting a graveyard shift that starts at 10Pm and ends at 7 in the morning.

Day off. I am glad I am today til Wednesday. I get to clean the house while spending time with the lil one while she reads, plays, eats and all. Oh I am so happy being that I am stress-free from work.

It is a quarter to 9PM and I can't hold my eyes open. I am waiting for the lil one to fall asleep before I hit my own sack. Been awake since 7PM last night. Gosh! I need a good sleep! And since I am that dead tired, I shall be logging off in a second...

Christmas presents

The husband asked me the other day on what I want to receive come Christmas Day. I said that I have two wishes, material things to have. One is the Reebok Easy Tone and other is a GPS for my car. He said he'll think about it. So, I told him not to because I want both! LOL. He just gave me a grin.

I have been buying gifts for my family in the Philippines but haven't bought any for my family here. Thus, on payday, on my second payday, I am buying stuff for them. For the lil one, I am getting her a new plasma TV for her bedroom. I already priced it and ain't that expensive and I can surely afford a small one. For the hubby, well not a problem. There is one thing that I saw in the store and I am certain that he's gonna like it once he opens his present. Giving gifts to my in-laws is kinda hard. They are old and have pretty much everything. I dunno yet what to get for them. Any suggestions?

Ready to click the shutter

The sister is finally ready to start her very own business. She already got the tools she needs for her photo studio that includes backdrops, muslins, scanner software, photo printer and lighting. The idea started when her husband gave her a digital SLR camera. From then, her photography passion emerged and has been editing tons of photos using photoshop.

As her older sister, I am so happy and excited for her. I wish her good luck and success on her very first venture. She doesn't need to get busy with it as her husband is a very good provider but it's passion that is calling. Maybe she'll do great on this and maybe go too far from being a stay-home-mom to a successful photographer. Who knows?

The box

I have so much expectations and plans for this Christmas. First thing first is to send the Christmas presents I have been preparing for my family and friends back home. The gigantic box is full but I still have some extras to add in. I might take some stuff out just to give space to important things that my siblings have requested. I got nike shoes for my brothers that I purchased at coogi clothing. For the kids, each of 'em will receive two shirts and a pair of shoes. For the women in the family, of course each of them are getting a pair of shoes  and beauty products. My close relatives are lucky because I didn't forget them. The box has something to make 'em smile.

I might ship the balikbayan box this week or early next. Once shipped, I am gonna start decorating the house with Christmas decorations. The lil one has been telling me about Christmas tree, and that's the first thing that I am gonna put up.

Got so much in my head but I can only do one at a time now that I am working. I just realized how much good life I had when I was just a stay-home-mom. It is hard to be a working mom, that's all I can say.

Free Day!

Wonder what I eat every time I get my free day from strict dieting? Well you'll find out as I took photos of it that so you could see.

I wasn't a fan of cinnamon rolls but then when I tasted it recently at the in-laws, I noticed that my taste buds' changed, I love eating it now but not an everyday thing, a piece or two in a couple of weeks won't harm me that much. 

Oh! Mary Lee's doughnuts, a local owned bakery, has the best in town. The product is fresh and very affordable. The owner gives a piece or two more of doughnuts  when they are closing in the afternoon. 

Scoop n doo's has the best ice cream compared to Baskin n Robbins here in Prairieville. My favorite is the cappuccino crunch...mmmnnnn sooo yummy! 

Twigs and bamboo

The twigs and bamboos that you are seeing on the photo above are just some of the many decorations or house accessories that I bought recently. As I have been saying , interior house decorating has become my passion lately. Thanks to my earnings, I am able to buy stuff for the house.

So anyway, while cutting off the tag yesterday, I read something that reminded of my homeland. I saw the bold letters that spell PHILIPPINES. Wow! Ain't that amazing? Philippine made products are shipped half way 'round the world to beautify one's house or room here in America. I am a very proud native! Proud that Philippines is moving up and is being known in the globe.

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Christmas decorations

This year's trick or treat was finally over. The  lil one had so much fun wearing her supergirl costume while marching the streets, stopping at one house after another asking for candies. I enjoyed watching her really. I have  a year of preparations for her third trick or trick. No worries for that for now. I have to prepare for something else this time and it is big time. Hey folks, I am talking about Christmas!

Now I can start decorating the house' interior with christmas decorations! I have been waiting to do this! So excited to see the lil one's reaction and gesture when she sees the Christmas tree that lights at night as well as the huge Santa Claus inflatable. After Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations such as lighted candy canes and Christmas lights among others will be put up in the lawn. Oh this is going to be a memorable Holiday! Watch out for the pictures, folks!

Lil of my whereabouts this week

It is past midnight and here I am still wide awake. I am trying to finish everything that is due this Friday as I will be so busy starting Tuesday. Yey! I got a job, by the way. This time around it is for real, I meant it ain't blogging. My work schedule though is so irregular. I will be working overnight from ten in the evening til seven in the morning which means my sleep hours and pattern will be changed. Lack of sleep is expected of course but I will try to handle that. And with that awaits me, I will be needing an under eye cream for dark circles for sure. I am picturing myself with dark circles under  my eyes.

Tuesday is my orientation day and on the next day is my training. Following that is my first day of work! Yay! Can't wait  for what's going to transpire! I will keep you posted on that! For now, I gotta end this post that I could start a new one.

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