Task brand duster : a review

You will be viewing another cleaning product review for Care Cleaning Protection. The product is the Task Brand Duster. Watch the video to see the wonders it brings.

When I dust-off the surfaces in my house such as furniture, appliances, floors, decors and more, I normally use a damp cleaning cloth thinking it does remove the dusts. So when I used the Task Brand Duster this morning, I was so surprised that it did clean or dust off the tables as well as my laptop. I cleaned yesterday and it shouldn't have that much dusts but I did get more today.

The video is a summary of my cleaning experience or shall I say dusting experience with Task brand duster. I must say that this is a real duster that everyone should have. It does the job, I mean, it removes the annoying dusts leaving the surface spotless. Try the product that you could spot the difference, too.

For more information about the product, you can check out the care cleaning protection website or simply click the link provided above.

Care cleaning protection c-fold towels : the reveal

The video above is a summarized review for the C-fold towels that I got from Care Cleaning Protection last week.

A pack of paper towels that I normally purchase in the store is not only pricey but it doesn't do the job that I want to see. It ain't absorbing much water so I end up using more sheets or finish drying using kitchen towels. The ads that we see on TV are pretty much lies and are created just to sell the products. With the C-fold towels, I have only used two sheets since I cleaned the kitchen last night. When I was cleaning again this morning, the used towels were dried so I decided to reuse the sheets. I was thinking it won't do the job anymore since it was soaking wet last night, to my surprise it really did dry the kitchen counter tops again.

I honestly reviewed the product, thus, I am suggesting it to you guys. Give it a try that you'll see the huge difference when it comes to cleaning and drying any surface in your homes.

Watery Wednesday : the dock

Watery Wednesday entry number 3.

Pearl Farm Davao Wharf located in Davao, Philippines.

Last Saturday's cream of the crop

I was at a friend's house last Saturday. It was his son's birthday and I had no idea about the party. She just said to come visit her. I came there with nothing but to to pig out. Thus, I owe the kid a birthday present.

In the party, I met a lot of new people. Conversations are heard in every corner of my friend's house. Majority of the guests are Filipinos and some came with their husbands. Hence, expect hearing various tongues.  Anyways, one of the husbands was picking on his wife about the benefits she's getting in case he passes away. He has a term life insurance policy. Everybody laughed at that joke but I sensed that the wife was embarrassed. I bet you a fight came follow when they're home.

On the other note, a free free term life insurance quote service is offered at  www.advantagetermlife.com. The process is so easy. The form wherein you key in your basic information is provided on the right side of the website. Simply fill it up, then click on the submit button, and you will be redirected to a page where comparable rates are found. There are more free insurance such as universal insurance, life insurance for smokers and more on the site.

The New Nikita Looks Awesome!

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

I am really excited about the new fall lineup of television shows. There are a whole lot of new series' coming out and they all look great. Of all the new shows, I am the most interested to see the new Nikita series that is coming out. It looks full of action and it seems to have an interesting plot. They are starting it off where the original left off, but now she has gone rogue and she is working against the agency to take them down. Also, I think they chose a great actor for Nikita. She is sexy, exciting, and has the look of a dangerous assassin. I loved the original series, but I think this one will be even better than the first. It will have more action, better graphics, and a more interesting storyline. It makes me want to re-watch the old series, so I can be reminded of the back story to this series. I just purchased a new  satellite tv deal, so I am looking forward to being able to watch it without the static from my bunny ears. In fact, I bet I will even have a channel that will show the original, so I can watch it again as well.

Music Monday : Hulog ng langit

What happens when boredom hits? Karaoke comes to rescue! Thanks to the Magic mic that I purchased two years ago out of my paid blogging.

Anyway, here's one of the songs, Hulog ng langit by Donna Cruz, that the lil one and I sang earlier.

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E-check or check?

October is a very exciting month for me. Aside from two important people, my siblings, are celebrating their birthdays and a much cooler temperature, I might get a job on the last week of that month if the hiring officer at this certain store is not going to break her promise. I am ecstatic for everything that is transpiring.

I am not employed yet but then I have these things in mind on what I am going do or buy when I get my first ever paycheck. It is a protocol for me to unload a portion of hubby's monthly burden, thus, taking the grocery shopping or paying the phone bill monthly are my options, whichever is lower, I will take it.

Since I don't have my own checks, I am going to order some or perhaps pay the bill online to avoid delays. So far, I am reading the info and feedbacks about ACH check payment processing that I just discovered through a friend. My mind is not composed yet to whether use the system or not. I will give my decision once I am in  the shoes to pay bills.

Plans and just plans

Watching TV really feeds me a lot when it comes to redecorating my house. As what I have been saying in my previous posts, reinventing my house is what I have been up to since my coming in the US. I ain't doing it at an instant, though, just one project at a time, and that depends on the resources I got online. I am done with the living room. Bedrooms and the kitchen await my touch to look so presentable.

My next project is replacing the laminate counter top with either concrete or tiles. Along with that, I am thinking of taking the old stainless steel kitchen sink off and replace it with  a copper Drop in Sink that would compliment my asian-rustic design vision. Now the problem is that finding for a copper finished appliances. Oh well, I will cross the bridge when I get there. For now, I am still opting  Drop in Sinks  rather than the ones I got.

Captain Planet Saves the Day!

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

When I was a kid, I loved watching "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" after school. This cartoon had an incredibly catchy theme song and a diverse cast of characters, each of whom had a special ability. Each Planeteer was a superhero in a sense, specializing in earth, wind, water, fire or heart, but it was when the five of them came together that they created a sort of super-superhero: Captain Planet.

I still see "Captain Planet" on  direct tv garland sometimes, and I always love to sit down and watch this earnest series that encourages kids to get excited about cleaning up the planet. The series tackles such issues as pollution and deforestation, as well as delving into more controversial topics like drug use.

I loved the episode in which Linka, the blond beauty from the Soviet Union who controls the wind, visits her cousin, who is hooked on drugs, and becomes addicted herself. It's a very dark episode, but it's very effective in demonstrating how dangerous illegal substances are.

The other Planeteers are Kwame, an African with earth-centric powers; Wheeler, an American from the Bronx whose specialty is fire; Gi, an Asian who controls water; and Ma-Ti, the youngest Planeteer, who hails from the Amazon and is in charge of heart.

Together, they can summon Captain Planet, one of the most impressive superheroes on television.

Watery Wednesday : In deep thought

Watery Wednesday entry number 2.

The shores of Pearl Farm in Samal Island, Philippines.

The man on the photo  is my father. 
I caught him standing alone and seemed in an in-depth thought about something,
or maybe, he's just amazed of how gorgeous the scenery is. 

Pretty long day

I had a long day today. The lil one and I with the mother-in-law headed to this place (I forgot the road) for her hearing aid to be fixed. Heavy traffic took us too long to get there and when were there, the technician took awhile as well to fix the said thing. Glad that the lil one did do great, thanks to the play area provided by the center.

Later, we headed to the craft and decor store for the MIL's yarn shopping. She is into knitting and she is so good at it. Her latest project  is a Saints throw. Anyway, we stayed in the said store for just an hour and headed our way to the nearby home and building store. While in the store, the MIL went buy the stuff that she needs for her garage while me and the lil one walked straight ahead to look at the kitchen models with granite sinks in the showroom. Oh boy, upon seeing those, it made me wish right there and then to have the resources that I could have one in my house. Okay, enough of this dreaming and all. I am becoming greedy for wanting the stuff that I don't need for the moment.

After all the errands were ran, we drove back home with too much stuff. Heck! The hubby complained because he was designated to unload my stuff that MIL could drive back to her house. I am pretty exhausted now. I must say that I am in bad need of a comfortable bed, so ready to have a good night sleep. So long!

Back to secure

I can not believe that in just a matter of a month or so of eating this not merely too much sweets, I gained 7 lbs.  I was so hooked in to eating lunch (mostly Filipino style cooking) with friends these past few weeks. The last time I weighed myself, I was only 113lbs, now I weigh 120. WTH! So easy to gain but too hard to loose.

I noticed that my jeans snug on me as well as my shirts. Bulges are visible when I wear fitted clothes. This is beyond ridiculous! Embarrassing! Good thing I have kept some of my big clothes (wore after birthing) or I will have to buy bigger sizes.

Thus, I am back to drinking my protein drink, leftover from last year's first try of the product, with morning sweating and bending.

I will give myself a month to lose at least 5lbs. This is gonna be a challenge for me. No rice. Less carbo. Early bedtime that I could wake up early, too, for a 5 meal diet. No meal nor water after six. Exercise. Patience. Self-discipline. Will.

Who's with me in this battle?

Who's the boss? Melissa or Joey?

Contribution by Saul Martin

The show I can't wait for this fall is "Melissa & Joey" starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence in a modern day Who's the Boss?. I've followed Melissa Joan Hart on TV ever since watching "Clarissa Explains It All" in the 90s..... That's why I watched an ABC family movie called "My Fake Fiance" which happened to star both Melissa and Joey. It felt like they had real chemistry between them. So when I saw the commercials for this show, I knew I'd definitely be setting the DVR on my drect tv near Baltimore.

As for the show itself, Melissa plays Melissa "Mel" Burke - a local council woman (um. okay. only a "mild" stretch I suppose) from a political family - who has to take in her niece, Lennox, and nephew, Ryder when a family scandal forces the children to separate from their parents. Meanwhile, Joey plays Joey Longo, a former commodities trader, who is left bankrupt, divorced and out of work after a Ponzi scheme. Desperate, Joey offers to be the family's new nanny when he notices that Mel is in over her head. Mel, realizing she doesn't have enough time to be both a single parent and a politician, decides to accept Joey's offer to watch the kids. Comedy (hopefully) ensues.

Done with the virus

Weeks ago, I had have my own share of predicament with my notebook or laptop. I couldn't connect to the internet. It ain't that my internet connection's failing, it was the internet virus that ate my laptop's system. I was so close to dumping my a year old buddy but through my friends help,  the issue was profoundly eliminated. I was able to restore the system in a short term. Saved me a lot of money, too, from paying someone to do the fixing for me or perhaps change the hard drive, worst is to buy a new laptop. But hey, if ever that's gonna happen which I know  in the future, I want a custom laptop for my own use. A laptop that has a larger RAM that I could store tons of files as well as download files in just a second.

Today, I happened to have a chat with my dear friend who resides in CA. We had a long conversation about parenting, craziness as well as common everyday issues. Like me, she dealt with an internet virus, too, but the bad thing is, her laptop's  system is massively damaged and there's no way it could not be restored anymore. For a long period of time, she depended on her phone to have access to the internet while saving money to buy her dream Howard custom computers (logic system) that cost her over a thousand dollars. She is so satisfied with her new custom cumputers and has been bragging about it. Well, I am sorry dear but you are not making me jealous! ;-)


A good night sleep is no longer exist in my part. I meant, I am trying to have one but the body pains I get every morning after waking up is so ridiculous. My body used to be very flexible when I was younger. Now that I am into my 30's, well, two more years left before that happens, my body's reaction to a 5-inch thick mattress is a predicament everyday. This probably won't happen if I am still sleeping in the master's bedroom with the hubby in a bed with a queen size memory foam mattress. It feels so comfortable there but the lil one comes first. I need to sleep by her or she'll wake up every second of the night. Though, slowly, I am taking a step to be apart from her and hopefully, she'll get used to sleep alone.

Sleeping in the lil one's bed with a made-to-order mattress is not a good idea for both of us. It's not only teaching her to be too dependent on me but it does pains me a lot, too. Her  bed is specifically designed for a kid her age, not for an old woman like me.

Thus, I am decided to purchase a new bed and a new mattress as well   once I get my first pay check from working outside the comfort of my home. It ain't happening too soon, thus,  mattress discount hunting or shopping is on hold for the meantime. Prior to that, I need to compare mattress, the brand and model that is perfect for the lil one and me, in most  stores around here or price it online maybe to save time. More advantage for me if I get to read some reliable mattress review / best rated mattress  online or maybe ask someone who has the one's I am eyeing to have already.

Home and garden decors

Watching  home staging on tv is a lot of fun. I learned a lot of things on the do's and dont's on staging a house especially when a house or place is on the market. Staging really makes a huge difference starting from the exterior to interior. If the goal is to sell a place right quick,  curb appeal should be the first to be done and that includes adding  an address plaque or replacing it with a new one as well as the mailbox. Landscaping is a must , too, as it creates positive impression to prospect buyers.

And if any of these : address plaques or house address plaques, mailbox (customized or not),  address signs, doorbells, patio furniture or any outdoor decors and accessories is what you are looking for, I suggest you head on to Mailbox and beyond's e-store, www.mailboxandbeyond.com, to check it out. The store offers a huge selection of home and garden decors of all kinds. You will be amazed how much beauty you'll see. Trust me on that.

Tropicana for $1

The family's favorites Tropicana flavor, berry punch and tropical punch. 
We've tried  other flavors but these two exceed our satisfaction when it comes to taste and of course, affordability.

Lately, we've been buying Tropicana fruit flavored punch instead of other brands. The brand sells for just a dollar in Walmart. It is so cheap! Why? It's because two more months or so, the product shall exceed its expiration date. That is why Walmart is getting rid of the old stocks for the new ones.

The two of us (hubby and me) drink a lot of juice in a day. The lil one is limited to only a cup a day. A carton of Tropicana punch lasts for a day only. Conspicuously, we are in thirst for an ice cold juice this hot season. I wonder what's gonna come about once cold season starts. We already consumed two cartons and we're getting low on it, so, tomorrow, we are heading to Walmart again for some Tropicana shopping.

The last one for today

This is gonna be the last post I am making today. I am not feeling and my eyes are about to fall down but my mind keeps on urging not to because of the jobs that need to be done right away. Everybody in my household is sleeping sound and here I am still minding my online business.

Another concern of mine is the MIL's wireless phone that keeps on shutting off affecting the  answering machine's function.  She asked me if I could help her find out the issue. Since I can't, I told her to let her grandson check on it or maybe buy a new one, a working corded phone perhaps. She had so many issues with wireless phones then but she still buys if it breaks. Oh old people are sometimes hard headed, eh?

Prior to making any transactions, MIL has to read cordless phone reviews online to ensure which of which model should she buy. As a protocol,  she  has to choose the brand or model that has more positive customer feedbacks. Since she is not an internet buff, she asked me a favor if I could do it for her. And I shall do it tomorrow once I get a good night sleep.

And we're back!

Whew! Just came back from the open play at a fun center. The lil one had a great time and kept on saying that she's having fun. The hard thing was leaving the place. She didn't wanna leave yet but we had to go before the stressful traffic starts.

The fun center is a huge metal building with tons of divisions separating the play areas from the party areas   where parties on certain days besides Tuesdays and Thursdays are held. Each play area has three or more  inflatable slides and bouncer in various vibrant colors for kids ages ten below.

On the right is a bouncer with slide for younger kids. 
The biggest indoor slide in the center is the one's on the left. 

The inflatable bouncer that can accommodate a large number of kids. 

The lil one did try the bouncer but not the slides. She's so scared and must felt isolation when I took her in. Shhh.. yes I did get in and did  childish gestures. Bouncing and sliding...wheeeeeeeeeew!

More photos will be posted later on.

Will be idle in the moment

The lil one and I are heading on the the nearest play center an hour after staying in the park. The heat triggers the lil one's eczema and that there is no way she could stay long in the sun. She needs to be in a cool area all the time . Normally,  I bring her out in the morning to get some fresh air, a lil touch of sun on her skin and for her to be a normal kid.

If the lil one will have her time today, of course, I would have one, too, if hubby gets off work early later. I might go with friends to a spa salon that has massage bolster for an hour massage or so. It's been awhile since I had myself pampered. I would really want a great massage later, if not, tomorrow.

I better go. I promise to be on the road around 1pm and it's already 1:06PM. So long!


Have you ever tried pulling yourself up? Did you make it? How many pulls? It's a shame to say that I didn't make it. It's harder than I thought. Hubby laughed at me because he is bigger and older than me and yet he did ten pull-ups using the pull up bars in the gym. Even running on treadmills or using the ellipticals is harder on my part. It makes me so dizzy, close to fainting actually after a few minutes of trying. There is no way I could stay more than thirty minutes running, I could if I would just walk then run in a couple of minutes. But the hubby? he could stay longer than an hour on the treadmill or elliptical.

That is why I am so into training the lil one to be so active, thus, taking her to the nearest park with pull-ups bar for kids and adults, slides and a long sidewalk where I could push the stroller and have a long walk is the first stop today.

Being petite

My congratulations to a friend for having a bouncing baby boy today. I can't wait to see photos of her with her lil one. I was having a picture-out moment earlier of the baby's looks upon knowing the good news. Is he a look-alike of his father or a resemblance of his mother? This is for me to find out as soon as she posts new pictures on her social networking profile.

Talking about pregnancy and giving birth makes me recall of me being pregnant with the lil one. I must admit I don't have the gift of height and I looked like a kid with a huge ball glued on my tummy before. There were/are instances when people think I am kid. One good example is that when hubby and I went out for a buffet dinner one night. While in line  paying, the lady in-charge of the restaurant's POS systems asked the hubby if I am twelve years old because they are having a promo. What? Do I really look that tiny? I guess not! And what about the big bump?

See what I am facing here? It is great to be petite but sometimes embarrassing in front of the non-thinker.


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Shhhh..this is a little secret between you and me ;-).

I had a talk with my ex-boyfriend today. Tell you, he's still the same. Still a chick boy eventhough he's already married with two kids. Him being a tons-of-woman-man was the reason why we decided to separate ways then. We met in college. Distance in between colleges did not hinder us from meeting and creating a cute moment together.  We danced in the same music together until a call of duty interrupted and halted the song. He went to another city to do his  engineering job and I stayed in my hometown practicing my field of study.

Two years in the same situation brought so many predicaments in between us. He impregnated a woman whom he wedded after having a baby. Well that was a heck of a heartache for me but there's less I could do. We parted ways. He moved on, I moved fast forward.

Past is past, they say. I have nothing against him anymore. Actually, we are friends now. Seems the darkness didn't transpire back then. We both talk about it and laugh hard about it, too.

Oh younger days, how I miss thee!

Cooked on the outside but...

Siakoy, Visayans  favorite afternoon snack.

Who wants some? Don't dare to ask ;-) because it looks cooked but it ain't in the middle. Sucks!

Janice's Facebook post yesterday influenced me to try making my own version, unfortunately, as what I've said, it didn't come out good. The taste was fine, not too sweet, though.

The next time I'll make some, I'll make sure that the fire is low after the oil is heated to the desired temperature before frying. Forming the dough into a smaller size is a better idea for a fully-cooked siakoy.

Annoyed as I was, I did bake the remaining dough. Nothing's wasted besides the uncooked.

Cyber Monday special starts now

Black Friday is just around the corner. If my readings ain't wrong, it is happening on the 26th of November. I wonder how many shoppers alike are going to flock the participating stores on that day. Disaster awaits! But tradition is tradition and that can't be broken easily. In one way or the other, stores, both online in-stores, are huge on that day.

Shopping online is easier than fighting the crowd in-stores, I believe. Shoppers will have the best time of their shopping life. Thousands of marked down items are available especially if Buy.com is the chosen store. To further that, Buy.com's sale doesn't end just there. It lasts til weekend and even everyday. In fact, Buy.com has started it's Cyber Monday specials with tons of discounted items on sale with free shipping. What more can we ask?

Lymphedema Products

Looking for products for successfully-treated individuals with lymphedema? Then head on to www.lymphedemaproducts.com now. The e-store, Lymphedema Products, offers a wide selection of lymphedema treatment supplies exclusively. Products such as compression garments including compression stockings and bras are just among the many it offers. Besides the products I mentioned above, Lymphedema Products also caters these procucts: bandages, treatment kits, footwear, skincare, fasteners, compression alternatives and a whole lot more.

Sale items are now on the rack. Check it out as soon as you can to avail  an up to 40% discount price offered for a period of time.

Alamo car rental

Traveling from one state to another without driving your own car? Well, don't ya worry because alamo car rental service will drive you to any locations around United States. Just state your pick-up or drop-off location upon booking and Alamo Car Rental will meet you the moment you get out from the airport, hotel or wherever locations that Alamo has operations.

Book now to get the lowest possible rate you can avail online! Choose from the variety of available economical and luxurious motor vehicles of the most trusted car rental service in around America. Rest assured your safety and satisfaction while you're in the hands of Alamo.

Fat check and luxurious lifestyle

Mr. Albert, my neighbor is living all by himself. He is unemployed and can not work either even if someone hires his service. Health issues caused him to stay back from the work force and have no option but to depend on social security disability benefits. Though he ain't working, he still is living like he earns a lot of money because of the luxuries he's enjoying. Bigger house made of brick in a reputable subdivision, new and huge truck are just among his basic needs that are well provided for. I believe he worked hard when he was younger and of course, earned a large amount of money that is why he gets a fat social disability check a month. Also, he might have hired a great lawyer then to help him with his claim.

The neighbor reaped what he harvested. He deserves a luxurious life. Thus, if we are aiming the kind of life that he has, we have to work the hardest while we can and by the time our body rejects heavy jobs, we can always claim our social disability benefits by hiring an expert social disability lawyer.

Wedding photos slideshow

Exactly three years and two months ago, marital vows were recited by the husband and me in front of the Justice of the Peace, close friends as well as select members of the family. It was indeed a very memorable event for everyone who witnessed the wedding. That blessed momentum was painted on pictures, too,  courtesy of a thoughtful friend who really put an effort to fulfill his promise to us. He  made a slide show of the select wedding  pictures and handed us a DVD copy. Every wedding anniversary, hubby and I with the lil one make it a point to watch the said slideshow. Watching the photos bring us back to the time we committed endless love to one another. May God bless our marriage.

Ready for the snow

Come September 22, Wednesday, Fall season begins in United States, Canada and most of Europe. It ain't officially Fall but I am feeling the cool breeze of September in the nights. In fact, it is much cooler in the Northern states than here in the South. I learned that people in other states are using their heater this early because of the 50F temperature. It must be nice, eh?

The sister in Canada said it snowed in her province yesterday and it will be snowing again tonight. Ain't that cool? Her kids are now so excited to wear their crescent moon snowshoes and have been asking if   they could play in the snow in the morning. For sure, the lil one's cousins will have a blast tomorrow.

It must be so fun to experience the snow every year, eh? Wishful thinking...snow shall come visit Louisiana again this year.

Watery Wednesday : Samal Island

The waters surrounding the Islands of Samal, Philippines. 
Photo taken by the husband who was so amazed  by the fisherman in his tiny boat amidst the crystal blue waters. 

I was googling for blog memes  awhile ago and I was led to Watery Wednesday. So why not join? After all I love the waters and I passion photography.

This is gonna be my first Watery Wednesday entry. I will be back again next week with my a beautiful photo.

It is my pleasure to invite you guys to join  Watery Wednesday.

Favorite Wedding Themed TV Show

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy.

Getting married is a very stressful time for the bride and the groom. Many brides really stress over the type of wedding dress that is best for them. After all there are so many designer wedding gowns on the market and it can be very difficult to select just one dress. One wedding themed tv show that I watch is Say Yes To The Dress. I've actually started wathcing it on satellite tv because my cable went out for 3 days and then I had this whole Dish network vs direct TV epiphany, but I digress from my wedding show talk. There are many of us who have often wondered what goes on in a Bridal Salon. Believe me, there is a lot that goes on in these Bridal Salon. All is not a bed of roses. Imagine a stressed out bride who doesn't have a clue what type of wedding dress she wants to wear on her wedding day. Then you have a staff that is at her beck and call trying to please her and find the perfect dress. Plus, make sure that the dress fits her perfectly. As you may know, many brides are very hard to please and may go through dozens of fittings before they settle on that one wedding dress. This show lets viewers in on the series of events that lead up to the bride saying Yes to the Dress.

Water heater fixed and SIL's weight issue

Yepeeeee! The water heater is fixed, I meant replaced with a new one. Brother-in-law and sons put an end to the issue two hours ago. It was a tough job to take the old heater out of the attic and put the new one up. Take note that the temperature up there is way too high. BIL was soaking in sweat when he came down but had a huge smile for the job is done and well.

L-R. MIL (mother-in-law), the lil one and SIL, Becky @ the fun center celebrating SIL grandson's 4th birthday bash. 

The BIL and sons are in good shape, No wonder for they do work their a$$ off everyday as licensed electricians and handymen. Good for them. On the contrary, SIL (sister-in-law) is the opposite of BIL in terms of weight. Becky actually needs to try the best weight loss product she could find. She is bigger than BIL or shall I say twice the size. Ok look, I am not talking behind her back. She knows that she needs to lose weight and even makes fun out of it. The problem is that she has a health issue that triggers her weight loss.


I was supposed to bring the lil one to the nearest jump n jive location, unfortunately, it has to be cancelled.  The BIL is coming over to fix the gas water heater or shall I say replace it with an electric one. HUbby said BIL is coming after noon but it's almost 2 and he's not here yet. More waiting for game I guess.

The lil one remembers every single thing. She forgets no promises at all and she is actually bothering me now to go. In fact, she just handed me her shoes and dress while saying "hurry, mommy!". Oh I hate to break my promise. Jump n jive is open for plays every Tuesday and Thursday only, thus, if I can't bring the lil one today, I could bring on Thursday. I just hope that BIL comes in a little while or later or maybe do what he's gonna do today or tomorrow.


Laziness hit me again today. Lazy to do house chores specifically cooking. Forget about an hour long cooking because that ain't happening. The lil one and I just lunched on  instant noodle soup while the hubby had yogurt. Such a shame day!

I'm feeling sleepy now. I guess it's time for me to head on to the couch where the lil one is waiting for me for a back rub.

Lose fats, build muscles!

On the photo is the husband after losing a lot of weight. The picture was taken during our Philippine vacation last May of this year. Before that vacation, he worked so hard to attain that weight. It ain't his desired weight nor built yet and he's still in the process of building more muscles. Now he's back to the gym, weight lifting with cardio, too.

In relation to body building or building muscles,  www.musclebuildingsupplements.net is a must visit site for muscle builder aspirants. A vast of related info awaits to be read on the page such as the top 5 ranked muscle building supplements in the market today. The top supplements were ranked according to price, ingredients, safety, customer service, and right amount by experts in muscle building supplements.

Check it out or share the webpage to anyone you know who's in desire to build muscles on certain parts of the body.


I am drooling. Still thinking about chicken curry. Jerla, an onlinepal of mine posted earlier that her husband cooked chicken curry and that she'd gonna have a lot of rice to eat with it. Oh boy! That started my drooling moment. I so wanna cook me some, unfortunately, I'm lacking some of the ingredients such as potatoes and carrots.

How am I gonna halt myself from drooling? Tell me?

I am thinking of baking...baking a huge cupcake. Yah, that's right! It's gonna be a lot of unsaturated fats but who cares for now? It's not an everyday thing. I can get away with the fats in the later days. How? by exercising a lot and eat a lot of proteins, too, or perhaps try the best fat burners I saw online.

Staying home is a messed-up. It's so easy for the boredom to hit me and foods become the comfort zone to ease it out. I need a job outside of the comfort of my own home so bad.

Job hunting begins...

Earn thru affiliate programs

Recession is holding us back from shopping habits. Actually, we can spend as much as we want as long as we have the resources. The big Q is that where to get it and how? Well, you are in the right space as I am giving a tip on how.

Since networking profiles and blogs are in these days, then make used of it by posting banners or links from online affiliate programs. I have done it for a long time and have earned bucks by simply posting a link on facebook, posting banners on my blogs and by tweeting. You, too, could earn! Find and join affiliate program  today.

Joining any affiliate programs is an easy task. Just make sure that the program is valid or not a scam. The moment you post a link or banner on your respective sites is also the start for you to earn. There is no work done at all besides posting for one time. Afterwhich, all you gotta do is wait for the bucks to arrive in your account or checks, as easy as that! Join now!

Sleepless nights in LA

Thinking of the things I am gonna have and do once I get a job outside the comfort of my own home makes me up late at night and sometimes the rest of the night. Fantasizing is not bad at all and it gives me hope but sleepless nights  make it unhealthy. It's been a while since I am having insomnia, not everynight though which is a good thing. There are times when I get to bed early at night and would just end up twisting and turning that bother the lil one. Hubby told me to take sleep-aid before bed time but it ain't my forte. Also, someone told me about Lunesta and the wonders it brings to someone like me but of course, I need to read  lunesta reviews from reliable sources before I would give it a try.

I know I can get over this issue. Been there and done it.

Locked-in keys

Few days ago, I posted about a lunch date with my friends. I didn't mention, though, that I locked my keys in the car. Thanks to the lil one for asking her elephant toy or I wouldn't known that early that the keys are not in secured in my purse. So I had to call the husband who has an extra key to talk about the incident. He did come to my friends house few minutes later. Keys were out at the latter.

Hubby stayed a bit longer. Had a conversation with my friends who also had questions about the burglary that took place in her very house months ago. Friends noticed hubby losing weight and asked him how to lose belly fat fast. So the weight conscious man shared his secret of proper diet with exercise which is nothing  if done without self-discipline and the will to aim the goal.

The casual way

My husband and I are really two different people. We have a lot of differences and we both have a lot in common, too.

When it comes to clothing, I am in between trendy and dwells with my favorite clothes til it's torn. As much as possible, I wanna have the latest fashion in my closet (that if I have the money to splurge). And yes I do love dresses, above the knee length as I am a like a little tea pot -- short. Right now, I am actually hunting for casual dresses that I could use come Fall. I already have three pairs of boots, boots that would look great with dresses, that I recently bought from an online shoe store for petite women. Oh, I can not wait for the coming season. So excited to change my wardrobe.

As for the hubby, he dresses himself with simplicity or shall I say the casual way. A pair of jeans or shorts with a graphic tee and shoes is his kind of style. When cold season hits, he still wears the same but with leather jacket on. He is so not into distressed jeans nor fitted shirts. Comfort and decency are what he's for. Though he is not into fashion or trend, he still looks great.

Internet virus attack

Last Saturday night, I had a battle with an internet virus that struck my laptop's system. Good thing it ain't that bad. I was able to restore the important files I had in my hard drive. Some files were lost but that ain't a huge deal as I could download 'em back if I want to.

The cause.

Virus the said virus attacked, I was dropping EC then. I believe a certain page that I opened  caused my internet to collapse. As soon as the virus got into the system, connecting to the internet became the biggest issue in  my entire  browsing. I couldn't open my bookmarks, instead, I was redirected to this store that sells anti-virus software. WTH! Were they kidding me? One more thing, I couldn't delete files. Tons of pop-ups appeared without even hitting a single button. RIght there and then, I was thinking of a really wicked virus.

The fixing.

Posting the issue on Facebook was a great idea. I received a lot of help - tips, advice, guides, etc. Name it, I did get it. Thanks to my friends for the sharing. Last night, Avee stayed up late last night to lend a help. Thanks to her and Andy for that.

Norton Anti-virus wasn't able to track the virus even when I had the system on safe mode. But  when restoring it to previous date, a month prior to virus attack, still on same mode, the system came back to life. I did the restoring process again on windows setting afterwards. Laptop's performance is now flawless.

Now, I am using my laptop again. Back in the dining room, the best place in the house to browse the net while watching the lil one roam around.

House note

How hard is it to purchase a house with bad credit? I have no experience to share but I am for those who are in the midst of such situation. The hubby did a great job before he purchased our house. I wasn't with him that time but I certainly appluaded him for a job well done. According to him, he did a lot of research particularly about general info on the mortgage, itself, and other information of significance to home loan on a reliable website that offers tutorials for free with no hidden charges.

One good thing that happened when hubby was on the process of home purchasing was him being a former US Marines. He was able to avail an FHA home loan with a very low interest rate.  Since hubby earns less than sixty gran a year, he opted not to buy a huge house, instead a perfect sized house for a family of three. Being an average earner, hubby did not think twice to apply for a  jumbo mortgage loan. Not only its a lot of money to lend, it also has a bigger amount of interest rate which for sure is hard to afford.

A house with harmony is what matters. The hubby having a good job is also a huge thing as he pays the mortgage bi-weekly. Basic needs that we are enjoying happen because of Him.

The comfiest scrubs

Ok, I know it is so dumb to say that my knowing of scrubs is removing something, it could be a dirt or stain, by rubbing hard. I had no idea that it also refers to a protective garment worn by the people in the medical field particularly surgeons during operations. Well, at least I learned something significant today and thanks to www.blueskyscrubs.com for leading me to it.

And if you are in a medical field or someone you know is, the website I mentioned atop is a must visit store  for you because of the products --medical scrubs, designer nursing uniforms, and surgical scrub hats-- it sells. Visit the page if want to buy the most comfortable medical uniform and scrubs  you can find online. The scrubs can be customized, too, by the way.  Ain't that cool? The more you gotta love it if I tell you that there are discounted scrubs available  today. To top it all, free shipping is offered when you buy $155 or more worth of items. Enjoy these special offers while it's still hot!

So when someone asks you  where to buy medical scrubs online, share and give the website's url, www.blueskyscrubs.com. There are a lot to find in the e-store that you gotta really check out. But you gotta bookmark the page first for your own reference. Well, what can I say but have fun shopping!

Natures goodness

Life is a blessing and a must to be thankful for. The Creator strewed us with so much wonders to live our lives the natural way. Though technology has been growing rapidly and is taking over on running the world, traditional manner of living still exists and that is through the products that are made from natural ingredients and are enhanced by technology. Actually, naturally made products are proven safe and effective.

I can not blame my family from using the oregano oil because of the natural goodness it brings to our health. It is anti-microbial, rich in vitamins and minerals and is healthy to digestive system. No wonder some practitioners or health professionals promote or recommend the product.

Another product that we should give a try or perhaps include in our daily diet is the Bio D-Mulsion, Vitamin D. We know that the foods we eat can not provide all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Thus, taking supplement daily feeds our body's need to perform well everyday and for us to stay healthy, away from diseases.

First garage sale shopping and lottery ticket

I was at a garage sale this morning, unfortunately, I didn't bring home a single thing. I just looked around and left after a couple of minutes but the lil one wanted to stay because of the used toys for sale. She threw a fit when I told her were leaving. The more embarrassment I got when she uttered a long loud piercing cry. Tooooooys! I had to hold her and ran to the car quickly as her squeal bothered everybody.  My first garage shopping was  heck of a trouble. Next time, I'll make it a point to go alone.

On the other note, I just finished clearing up my old Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink  as well as the kitchen top. Dirty dishes were dominating the sink from yesterday's lunch with girlfriends. Now it's spotless. Wait tonight and it'll look like there's a hurricane's aftermath. lol. THat's how busy eater everybody is here. It would be an easy load for me if the dishwasher is functioning but it ain't. Not a problem, though, as I love soaking my hands in the water.

Last week, by the, way, I did buy a lottery ticket, my first lottery ticket. Too bad I didn't win. Duh! I was wishing to hit the jackpot that I could renovate my house especially the dated kitchen with dated Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks, fixtures, appliances and accessories. Besides that, I also want to share the blessings with the siblings who are in a bad need. One day, I will get it! I can promise you that!

Tonight's meal

Jasmin rice with steamed mix vegies

Mmmnnn...just so yummy! Rice with mixed vegies? Perfect meal! The 'lil one did enjoy her meal but not the hubby who is a picky eater. He eats no vegies at all and even fruits. Tonight, hubby had a serving of baked chicken tenders and baked potato. That's it. Never he cares for my authentic Filipino cooking because of the vegies. LOL.

If then I had trouble finding a companion to eat with me (Filipino foods) besides my Filipino friends, not anymore when my precious started depending on solid foods. Now, I find her as my rival when it comes to eating tapioca lol. I am happy that the lil one got my appetite and would just dive in whatever the table has to offer. If it's sweet, you can forget about it as there would be no lil one feasting over. Such a joy to be preparing healthy meals  for my happy eater. An inspiration to keep me doing what I love -- cooking.

So, what did you have in your table?

Saved $122

So after the lunch get together at a friends last Wednesday, mall was the next stop unexpectedly. Together with the three of my friends, we conquered the floors of the big malls in the area. That trip came out great because of the great deals we got as the mall was having an 80% off clearance sale. I had tons in my cart like my swimwear and a couple of shirts, and the lil one's wardrobe including shirts and swimwear for the summer next year and a couple of sweaters and dresses for the coming season (Fall). Instead of paying over $142, I only payed $22, saved over $122 for a lot of stuff. I could have paid more but the RedEnvelope coupon codes I got online saved me from overspending. It is really nice to shop when it's clearance sale and more when coupons are accepted by retailers.

Shopping in the garage

I was at a friend's house last Wednesday for a lunch get together. It's been awhile since I got to see her and she's changed in some ways including her stuff. She's such a skilled-decorator and it reflects to the way she decorated her house. I couldn't help myself not to admire her home decors and modern furniture in the foyer, dining room, kitchen, living room and bedrooms. She said she got her home accessories and furniture from garage sales which I couldn't believe because it look fairly new. Really, her taste is like of professionals.

Now that I know that she is into garage sales, I am gonna follow her steps. In fact, I've searched  for garage sale locations that I could go tomorrow morning, earlier as much as possible that I could get better stuff. It is gonna be my first garage sale shopping tomorrow and I am hopeful for the rain to come not but on the next days when I am not on the road.

Before bed time

And the Saints won! Whew! That was a tough game earlier. I thought the pride of New Orleans couldn't win its  very first game this season as the Vikings was doing great in the first half of the game. Just like what the rest is saying, Saints is unbeatable and might win the superbowl this year. Crossing my fingers on that but I hope!

Honestly, I am feeling blank tonight. I can not compose a good post for term life insurance quotes that I believe is unfair for the second party. I just want to get this done before midnight that I could have a good night sleep. Tomorrow is a busy day for me and I doubt it if I could spend more time on my laptop. The house is just so cluttered, needs clean up before friends visit in the afternoon.

Thus, I am logging off. Ya'll have a good night sleep!

River cruise

Guest post written by Ralph Sparklin

We didn't have a lot of time or funds to go on a big vacation this year so we got creative and planned a few inexpensive day trips. One of those was taking a river boat cruise. It was for a few hours and really relaxing. Also we wouldn't have to worry about walking around a whole lot because my wife has some trouble with that now.

When we boarded we found a nice little spot near where a man was playing piano and a woman was singing some oldies along to it.

My wife said that she felt like she was Mark Twain riding on a riverboat and I thought that she said that she saw someone dressed up as him and I got really excited. Then when she explained what she really said she said that I should probably get some hearing aids  like her. After that we agreed that I would get some  hearing tests sometime that week after we got home.

The rest of the river cruise was really relaxing and fun. I think we may go on another one again soon.

Quick post before heading to the store

The skies today around 12nnCT. So dark and scary. 

Heavy downpour did come but didn't last long. It didn't even soak the ground wet. Now, the clouds are moving to the east and we are starting to have the sun back.

I am glad that it ain't raining no more as I will be heading to the Filipino and Oriental stores later this afternoon with hubby and the lil one for a lil shopping (tapioca and banana leaf). My Filipino friends and I will have a lunch get together tomorrow and I promised to bring cassava cake.

Tomorrow, I will be driving  to my friend's house without the hubby's stress. He's working and so I will have the car with just the lil one. It's gonna be my first driving experience without him and may God keep us safe.

Hubby will be home in 30-min-time. I gotta get going and prepare the lil one for a ride.

Free HD for life!

Have you heard about the greatest news on satellite TV? If not, hear me! Localtv-satellite.com, partner with Direct TV, is offering a FREE HD for life! That's right! Just sign-up for NFL SUNDAY TICKET today and the HD service is included for free as long as you are connected. This is a limited time offer so call 888-409-4351 now!

Visit www.localtv-satellite.com for more of FREE HD for life. Check out also the programming services of localTV Satellite as well as of Direct TV on the website

I have been wanting to change our provider from fiberedge to satellite because of the international channels that are accessible only through a local tv satellite. We are still connected to the fiberedge and that  we can't breach the contract for now but when it's over, we can finally start switching. Now, if the husband agrees to me, we're going to have access to our favorite channels plus I will have my Filipino channel, too. It's like hitting two birds in one stone for a very inexpensive price for as low as  $29/month with  access to 45 HD channels. Other packages have either 60 or 105 HD channels with free upgrades to HD DVR and HD receiver. I would choose the one that suits the needs of my family.

Bumpits for just $1.99?

I've been wanting to have this set of bump-its since I saw the infomercial on TV. Actually, I was in search for two sets before I flew to the Philippines for my brother's wedding. I checked at Walmart, they have it but the price is outrageous. More pricey if I get it from the manufacturer's website which is $19 if my memory is not deteriotated. I couldn't find a cheaper price as well on Ebay. So ok, I told myself to forget about it and maybe get sometime later.

Last week, I was just browsing Ebay and then it popped in me to search for Bump-its. Whew! and I got the cheapest possible price I could find online. $3 for a set of 5 Bump-its including shipping! It this a joke? Certainly not. I bought two more sets to be included in my balikbayan box that might be forwarded come November.

It feels great to get the things that I've  been wanting to have at a bargain price. Great that Ebay exists, too.

Football season and Myrtle Beach in mind

It is so loud here. Hubby and friends are screaming for joy everytime their favorite football team scores. They talk so loud, too. Urghh...! football season started today and football games will definitely dominate  the TV in the living room. Good thing I am not a TV buff. Feel a lil bad for the lil one though as she's gonna watch her favorite programs on TV in her room, not in the living room for the meantime.

The noise right now annoys me. It makes me wanna go out of the house, drive somewhere and just stay maybe in the towers at myrtle beach. For sure, I will have a pampered stay with  fresh Atlantic coastal air. Oh, this specific point in time reminds me, too, of the beaches not too far from my hometown. So much to talk about it and I really don't wanna share right now.

Anyway, if you are planning a vacation with a touch of  Southern hospitality, I suggest you pick the ones located in the myrtle beach . Check out  www.towersatnorthmyrtlebeach.com for queries or reservation, call (866) 413-8310 or e-mail Info@TowersatNorthMyrtleBeach.com.

Just another lazy day

It is the start of college football season and guess what's happening in my house, the hubby has been watching football games since eight in the morning and have been on his phone often talking to his friends about the game. Such a lazy day for most football buffs, eh? It's fine with me though. So while the hubby is having his own fun times, I will frequent the internet to finish my pending tasks.

On a different note, my brother-in-law, a licensed electrician, is coming over to fix the broken heater (again). That heater has been a pain in a butt since hot season started. He's also due to fix  the wires that are placed in a heat shrink that connect to the wirings in the guest room. There are two outlets that are not functional maybe because it had been damaged when the water flowed down from the chimney when it was broken by Hurricane Gustav. I don't wanna get on the attic with the BIL later. It is just way too hot in there plus I am afraid to step on the shirnks that are atop the beams near the steps.

By the way, please check out www.componentconcepts.com, an online catalog that provides a wide selection of connector assemblies, metal products, insulation products, Heat Shrink, nickel strips, welding systems, nickel tabs, thermal products for battery pack production and more. The products are made of high quality materials and are provided by the leading manufactures in the world.  Visit the e-catalog if you are in need of any of the products mentioned above and in case you know someone who's in look, please share the link.

Anchovies or bolinao?

Oh well, I know the subject of the photo above looks nasty for those who didn't grow up in the Southeast Asian countries. Thus, I am  apologizing  for making you lose your appetite. I just can't help but share what I had for tonight's dinner. I had a plateful of rice with  dried bolinao toasted in a lil amount of oil. Uhmn...yummy! I so wanted to eat more rice but I am watching my food intake. Thus, saving the rest for breakfast.

Dried bolinao = dilis = anchovy, whatever you call it in your dialect or language is one of my favorite dried foods. It is preserved by being gutted and salted in brine, matured, then packed in oil or salt. It is more tasty when it's dried fresh but be aware of strong smell because of the curing process it had gone through. I used to snack on  sweetened anchovies mixed with Pik-Nik potato string back in my hometown before. Oh yah! This is making me drool and makes me wanna feast on my leftover.

On a different note, I haven't dropped ECs yesterday and today. I got so busy cleaning my mansion (LOL). Tomorrow, I will make it a point to visit your blogs and of course, read your posts.

It is already  forty-one minutes passed ten in the evening and I am really, really ready to get in bed. I better get going, folks.

'Til next time. Thanks for dropping by.


What else can I say about drug addiction besides sharing a cousin's story? Oh yah, I have already posted about it a few months ago. I am thinking  you are not gonna take any effort to search for that blog post, thus, I am re-telling just a bit.

My cousin is still locked-up in jail up to this date. I have no idea when he's gonna finish his sentence and I don't wanna open up a discussion about such with his mother, my Aunt. He's been there for awhile now because of stealing primarily because of drug use. His mother didn't bail him out for three good reasons. One is that it's a lot of money involve, slow down the use of prohibited drugs and for him to learn a lesson.

Aunt Rose once said that she'll help him get up on his feet once he's done in the correctional. He will be sent to one of the addiction treatment centers in the city whether he likes it or not. Again, he will be locked up, this time around, to possibly treat the addiction in him. Hopefully, he'll cooperate.

Loan modification

Last night was one of our family times. We (hubby, me and the lil one) were lounging on the couch watching the lil one's favorite night program. Along with that activity were eating cereals like we're having a bowl of popcorn and goofying around during commercials. Indeed it was a fun family time.

On a different note, tons of commercials were shown last night, commercials regarding home loan modification, money lending, educational materials for kids, toys for kids and more stuff that are kid friendly and related.

"So what is home loan modification all about?" I asked the hubby upon seeing the commercial. He said that is a process in which a homeowner changes the terms of the loan with the lenders approval. It is usually requested by homeowners who are in the midst of financial crisis. There are certain lenders who consider the process to make it more affordable for homeowners to pay their mortgages. Kinda like stretching the loan to make it flexible for the payee.

Him sharing his knowledge about home loan modification was appreciated. Now I understand what it is all about.

Decorating for Cheap

Authored by Rickey Combs.

Moving into a new home can be expensive. Not only is the cost movie and deposits expensive, but decorating a new home can really add up. Having to buy new curtains, rugs or just accessories can cost hundreds of dollars, easily. After my last move I decided that I was not going to spend hundreds of dollars on items again. I decided that instead of having to rush out and buy items because I had to have them then, I was going to be prepared. I usually don't plan out things too far in advanced, but with this I knew that I wanted to save money and still find quality items, so I didn't give myself a choice.

I decided to use my satellite wireless internet to find great ways to decorate a home inexpensively. There are so many great home decorating blogs that I never knew about. I was surprised to find so many great ideas for all aspects of the home. I looked online to find great ideas for creating wall art, finding discounts at fabric stores and even entered a few blog giveaways in hopes of winning free curtains and rugs. Not only did I save money by linking into these great blogs and websites, but I now have a super cute house that is completely unique to me.

Apartment hunting

A dear friend of mine who happens to reside in North Carolina with her new found love is currently in the look for an Apartment in Durham, NC . Her husband is a former US Marines, thus, living a distance from Cherry Point is what they are wishing for. Now that they both have stable jobs, they want a luxury apartment, not a house yet as both are not fond of maintaining  a huge lawn .

So, in line with the couple's need for a new apartment, I gave 'em my unsolicited suggestion to visit  nc-apartments.com where a team of experts  in Apartments in North Carolina could be reached. I hope NCApartments will guide 'em in the decision-making process. You know how much headache apartment hunting is and as much as possible I don't want the couple to experience too much trouble on that.

Well, what can I say? Good luck, girl.