Free Day!

Wonder what I eat every time I get my free day from strict dieting? Well you'll find out as I took photos of it that so you could see.

I wasn't a fan of cinnamon rolls but then when I tasted it recently at the in-laws, I noticed that my taste buds' changed, I love eating it now but not an everyday thing, a piece or two in a couple of weeks won't harm me that much. 

Oh! Mary Lee's doughnuts, a local owned bakery, has the best in town. The product is fresh and very affordable. The owner gives a piece or two more of doughnuts  when they are closing in the afternoon. 

Scoop n doo's has the best ice cream compared to Baskin n Robbins here in Prairieville. My favorite is the cappuccino crunch...mmmnnnn sooo yummy! 

2 responses:

Hazelicious929 said...

Yummy cinnamon rolls, Lira. I love to eat them too.

Scotty's Princess said...

I am not a cinnamon fan either, pero lami jud kaayo sya tan-awon, Lir. Laway-laway nako dire, haha!

BTW, unsaon pagbutang ug text sa photos? Tudluo ko beh, hehe!