Looking at the sky on Friday : Last Saturday


The skies in the morning before the downpour in the afternoon. 

I am actually exhausted and sore. Been to Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo early this afternoon. It won't be this bad if I did not work in the yard yesterday. Edging the long driveway used up my energy, left me two blisters on my palm and of course, body pain. Not only that, I am dealing with ankle sprain. 

Despite the pains, I still managed to go to Ross and had a lil shopping. My intention was to just buy a gift for tomorrow's birthday party. Then I saw this cutie dress of the lil one. Gotta grab it as it's on reduced price, saved  over ten bucks for that. Shopping is more fun if its just me, without the hubby and the lil one. I enjoyed walking around the store checking for the new decors that I am gonna buy next week (hope it's still there on my come back).

Oh well, I better get going. It is already midnight. Need to hit the sack so bad.

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Sutil Princess said...

Sis padaan lang happee moonddaayy. hayyy kakabored eh, pasok na naman sa work