Sleepless nights in LA


Thinking of the things I am gonna have and do once I get a job outside the comfort of my own home makes me up late at night and sometimes the rest of the night. Fantasizing is not bad at all and it gives me hope but sleepless nights  make it unhealthy. It's been a while since I am having insomnia, not everynight though which is a good thing. There are times when I get to bed early at night and would just end up twisting and turning that bother the lil one. Hubby told me to take sleep-aid before bed time but it ain't my forte. Also, someone told me about Lunesta and the wonders it brings to someone like me but of course, I need to read  lunesta reviews from reliable sources before I would give it a try.

I know I can get over this issue. Been there and done it.

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