Quick post before heading to the store

The skies today around 12nnCT. So dark and scary. 

Heavy downpour did come but didn't last long. It didn't even soak the ground wet. Now, the clouds are moving to the east and we are starting to have the sun back.

I am glad that it ain't raining no more as I will be heading to the Filipino and Oriental stores later this afternoon with hubby and the lil one for a lil shopping (tapioca and banana leaf). My Filipino friends and I will have a lunch get together tomorrow and I promised to bring cassava cake.

Tomorrow, I will be driving  to my friend's house without the hubby's stress. He's working and so I will have the car with just the lil one. It's gonna be my first driving experience without him and may God keep us safe.

Hubby will be home in 30-min-time. I gotta get going and prepare the lil one for a ride.

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

ehem! driver na jud sya oi! drive safe always lir!