Pretty long day


I had a long day today. The lil one and I with the mother-in-law headed to this place (I forgot the road) for her hearing aid to be fixed. Heavy traffic took us too long to get there and when were there, the technician took awhile as well to fix the said thing. Glad that the lil one did do great, thanks to the play area provided by the center.

Later, we headed to the craft and decor store for the MIL's yarn shopping. She is into knitting and she is so good at it. Her latest project  is a Saints throw. Anyway, we stayed in the said store for just an hour and headed our way to the nearby home and building store. While in the store, the MIL went buy the stuff that she needs for her garage while me and the lil one walked straight ahead to look at the kitchen models with granite sinks in the showroom. Oh boy, upon seeing those, it made me wish right there and then to have the resources that I could have one in my house. Okay, enough of this dreaming and all. I am becoming greedy for wanting the stuff that I don't need for the moment.

After all the errands were ran, we drove back home with too much stuff. Heck! The hubby complained because he was designated to unload my stuff that MIL could drive back to her house. I am pretty exhausted now. I must say that I am in bad need of a comfortable bed, so ready to have a good night sleep. So long!

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