Plans and just plans


Watching TV really feeds me a lot when it comes to redecorating my house. As what I have been saying in my previous posts, reinventing my house is what I have been up to since my coming in the US. I ain't doing it at an instant, though, just one project at a time, and that depends on the resources I got online. I am done with the living room. Bedrooms and the kitchen await my touch to look so presentable.

My next project is replacing the laminate counter top with either concrete or tiles. Along with that, I am thinking of taking the old stainless steel kitchen sink off and replace it with  a copper Drop in Sink that would compliment my asian-rustic design vision. Now the problem is that finding for a copper finished appliances. Oh well, I will cross the bridge when I get there. For now, I am still opting  Drop in Sinks  rather than the ones I got.

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