What else can I say about drug addiction besides sharing a cousin's story? Oh yah, I have already posted about it a few months ago. I am thinking  you are not gonna take any effort to search for that blog post, thus, I am re-telling just a bit.

My cousin is still locked-up in jail up to this date. I have no idea when he's gonna finish his sentence and I don't wanna open up a discussion about such with his mother, my Aunt. He's been there for awhile now because of stealing primarily because of drug use. His mother didn't bail him out for three good reasons. One is that it's a lot of money involve, slow down the use of prohibited drugs and for him to learn a lesson.

Aunt Rose once said that she'll help him get up on his feet once he's done in the correctional. He will be sent to one of the addiction treatment centers in the city whether he likes it or not. Again, he will be locked up, this time around, to possibly treat the addiction in him. Hopefully, he'll cooperate.

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