Football season and Myrtle Beach in mind


It is so loud here. Hubby and friends are screaming for joy everytime their favorite football team scores. They talk so loud, too. Urghh...! football season started today and football games will definitely dominate  the TV in the living room. Good thing I am not a TV buff. Feel a lil bad for the lil one though as she's gonna watch her favorite programs on TV in her room, not in the living room for the meantime.

The noise right now annoys me. It makes me wanna go out of the house, drive somewhere and just stay maybe in the towers at myrtle beach. For sure, I will have a pampered stay with  fresh Atlantic coastal air. Oh, this specific point in time reminds me, too, of the beaches not too far from my hometown. So much to talk about it and I really don't wanna share right now.

Anyway, if you are planning a vacation with a touch of  Southern hospitality, I suggest you pick the ones located in the myrtle beach . Check out for queries or reservation, call (866) 413-8310 or e-mail

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