Why I need two


I can not picture out my own life without my second eye, my prescription sunglasses. I am too dependent on it especially when I am reading in the porch and driving driving. Too much risks will fall through once I decided to halt myself from using it or refuse the demand of updating.

One story that keeps on reminding me to use my prescription sunglasses was when when I was driving towards the sun. I am short and so the visor was so useless that time and sun was on my eyes. The car is not tinted so it was really, really bright that time. I had to stop driving for a lot of times to let the traffic flow because I was driving too slow, causing a rage, well almost caused a rage because some drivers were honking their horns when I was driving 25mph where it should 45mph.

Normally, my prescription sunglasses stay in my purse but there are instances when my old head stops working, forgetting to put  my sunglasses back in my purse  after taking the lil one to walk. By the time when I need it  on the road, there is none that I could use. This problem is really pushing me to get one more prescription sunglasses. It would be needed that much once I start working full-time coz I am gonna be driving alone without hubby coaching me.

Below are my two options. You can help me pick which one to get, too.

For $29.95, this prescription sunglasses fit my budget. I am in love with the style -- medium size, full-rim acetate frame with sparkling crystals on the design corners. The lens tint choice is 50% grey.

The second picture that you are seeing is my next option in case my mind decides to switch. Its a prescription sunglasses that cost around $35 and a few cents. The price is ain't bad for a stylish prescription sunglasses.  A medium wide size, acetate full-rim frame with design on temples.The lens tint choice is 50% grey.

2 responses:

""rare*jonRez"" said...

the first one would look good on me. it would look good on u too kay pareho man ta gwapa! nyahahaha! asa ni nga website lir? barato lagi? ako kay transition man. mahal lagi kaayo pero saon man jud, buta man ko without one. ;D

go na jud ka sa driving diha ha! :)

Cheerful said...

all the best for our dear kababayan...:) visiting you here on friday night, happy weekend!