Water slide party before (Hurricane?) Bonnie


Yeeeeehuh! It was a day before Hurricane Bonnie was predicted to hit Louisiana but everyone was having fun, water sliding at a friend's house. Seemed like it was a welcome party for Bonnie lol. The hosts planned the party before the hurricane forecast came out. And since the storm didn't gain strength in the warm waters of the gulf, Hurricane Bonnie was not formed and the party did go on.

The lil one did not try the water slide, scared her hair gets wet. She was the only kid who  was not in the slide. So what happens when a kitty cat attends a water slide party? Stared at the kids and annoyed because she could't join. Yah, that's right.

Here are the photos.

The birthday girl who just turned three years enjoying her water slide along with older kids.

Everybody flocked by the table when blowing the birthday candles part was called. Ice cream and cake  climaxed the said event, making kids so hyper.

The lil one not in her swimsuits lol with the birthday girl eating ice cream and cake.

We left early and didn't witness what have had transpired after cake and ice cream part is done. The poor lil one was out of control being that she hadn't napped. But while were on the road, she begun partying and requesting to go see her MawMaw (grandma). So the steering wheel turned to the opposite direction going to MIL's. The spoiled MawMaw's girl got her way again.

5 responses:

Tetcha said...

Sounds like fun! It would have been better if your little one tried the slide, though. There'll always be a next time.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

kalingaw ba oi! si danielle wala nag-swimsuit? dapat gitubos ni mommy! ;-)

jellybelly said...

looks like the lil girl had fun anyway :)

Ratty said...

I think I would have been afraid of the water slide too when I was a little kid, even though it would have looked fun.

Grampy said...

I find it best to let them do things as they feel they can. I am sure she had fun. I know she liked the cake. And of course got to go to and see MawMaw. All was well.