Venus Raj is Miss Universe 2010 4th runner-up!

Congratulations to Miss Mexico for bagging the most coveted beauty pageant crown, the Miss Universe 2010, and to all the contestants who made it to Las Vegas, Nevada USA!

I am happy that my very own, Miss Philippines (Maria Venus Raj), is one of the Five Finalists and is titled as Miss Universe 4th runner-up. Though she didn't make it to the very top, I am still proud of her. Just imagine how many contestants competed earlier and she managed to be on that place. That was a tough job for the 22 yr-old who've had several unflattering experiences after winning Binibining Pilipinas.

Filipinos are celebrating but there are some who are not happy with her answer and keep on complaining like she did  a huge mistake. Yes, she could have made it but being on that stage was never an easy job. Her answer was incoherent to the judge's question. Besides, the question itself is not a question that should be asked in a prestigious International beauty pageant, I think. Let's leave it like that and I hope Filipinos won't make it as a trend joke. Before you do, think of yourself being in her shoe. You'd probably not make it.

Congratulations, Miss Maria Venus Raj!
photo from Yahoo!

Miss Universe 2010  Final Five

4th runner-up - Miss Philippines
3rd runner-up - Miss Ukraine
2nd runner-up - Miss Australia
1st runner-up - Miss Jamaica
Miss Universe - Miss Mexico

7 responses:

""rare*jonRez"" said...

ka-gwapa jud niya oi! the best kaayo ug lawas! i knew she would placed jud even before the top 15 was announced. unfortunate lang jud sya nga sya maoy nalabayan atong stupid nga pangutana. and i hate bashers nga gi-pistahan ang 2x niya nga pagkagamit sa word, mura jud ug di masayop sila. kalagot. she displaced grace, beauty, and genuineness and i'm proud to be a filipino jud! :D

Lynn said...

she's so pretty in the pic. mas maganda siya if nakalugay hair niya.

taas naman gud kaayo expectations sa mga pinoy that time, lir and i was not an exception. and i must admit, na dismaya jud ko sa iya answer bcoz i was really hoping for a good answer from a smart lady like here. yes, nadismaya ko but not to the point nga himuon nako kataw-anan iyang "major major" bcoz that's totally unfair na. insensitive na kaayo ang ubang peeps.

she may have sounded dumb in the Q&A portion but she's not dumb at all, diba? being in the top 15 meant you're smart jud kay niagi na gud na silag preliminary judging.

in regard to the question, since the time nga nag start na ilang top 15 (kay diba sa una top 10 ra man, then 6, then 3), ingun-ana na jud ang tema sa ila questions. mas simplier na nga compared before. gikulbaan lang jud siya taman so nawala na iya presence of mind. all the while i thought wa jud siya kulbai ba kay she looked so confident pero halata jud kaayo iyang kulba pagsugod pa lang niyag sulti no?

hala, pirti na nakong tabi diri. nobela na ang gawas sa kong comment. lol.

anyway, in time ma-realize na guro sa ubang noypi nga it is something to be thankful jud because after 11 years, now ra usab nakasulod sa top 15 or top 5 ato candidate. (",)

Joy said...

so proud of venus! bashers can say whatever they want but i still believe she did well in the pageant.

Jen said...

A spark of hope for Filipinos after the Manila hostage drama. She simply painted a smile for our country men for her efforts and being able to make it to the magic 5!.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

weeeeeh! i love what Joy said! :)

Cacai M. said...

mao jud mommy Lir.. dako^ na kaau nga garbo nga naa xa sa top 5 ky how many years na bya nga wla nkatongtong ang PI contestant, tapos naa pa scandal sa bus hostage, so dako^ na kaau nga karangalan nkaapil xa, nabawi ang dungog sa bus hostage. I am happy nga naa xa sa top 5 or 4th runner-up (among 83 countries, how was that? Awesome)!

Monica said...

Congrats to Miss Philippines..she is gorgeous! :)