Marry Me?


Post contributed by Hilton Miranda.

Kyle Busch is the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life. The way he zips around the other cars on the track is enough for me to go completely gaga for him. He is such a talented driver and I am so glad that he turned me into a NASCAR fan. I was not always like this, but, it was something about him that caught me really off guard. I saw his picture in an ad for Kellogg who was his previous car sponsor. He turned me into a huge fanatic and now I am glued to my Direct TV every time there is a race on the screen. I cheer him so loudly sometimes my neighbors have to ring me up to quiet me down. I just get so excited when the final laps are approaching and he is nearing the lead!

I never thought I would be a NASCAR fan but, Kyle has made it easy for me to fall in love with the sport of car racing. Now I cannot wait to see my first real live match in person. I would kill to meet him but, I am not sure that will be possible considering how well loved and respected he is amongst the industry and fans. I love NASCAR and Kyle Busch so much. Will you marry me?

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