Flashes and reels


May of this year, my oldest brother's church wedding took place. The said wedding was attended by family and friends and friends of friends. Everybody had a blast especially the newlyweds. Special moments were captured by the canon lens hired or brought by my own sister who came down all the way from Canada with her British husband and kids; and by the video camera hired by the hotel to film the said event.

The wedding package that the couple chose was awesome because it included foods, bridal cars, reception and dresses for the bridal entourage. The foods were delicious, I can not complain about it. Bridal's white car was decorated with white flowers and fairly new.   The royal blue colored dresses looked great on the bridesmaids, maid of honor and the little brides.

From the church to the reception, flashes from various cameras were like lightings in the bright sun. It looked pretty awesome and was like a red carpet event. The wedding was indeed the dream wedding of the newlyweds. My brother and sister-in-law kept on thanking the family for helping them out financially. So anyway, a week after the wedding, the edited wedding movie and thousands of photos were sent to the house.  Some pictures came out good. A complained was sent to the photo studio as to why some of the pictures were blurred. Good thing the sister's camera and so is mine captured great pictures, the newlyweds have something clear to keep. That's why next time, the family won't seek  services from the same photo studio, instead,  camera hire our own tools or use our own cameras. Sounds like a great plan, let's see how it goes when everybody is busy tending one's kids.

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