Hurricane Katrina

Today, tragic footprints left by Hurricane Katrina that hit Louisiana five years ago were seen on the local channels across the state. Til now, Cajun people are still not over with the hurricane's destructive path. So many loses, not only billions of state properties but over fifteen hundreds of people within Louisiana alone. I felt so bad for those who were severely affected, for those who have lost their loved ones yet happy at a certain place that at least, they are rebuilding their lives strengthened by the tragedy, itself.

Hurricane Katrina was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States according to the Tropical Cyclone Report of Richard D. Knabb, Jamie R. Rhome, and Daniel P. Brown. New Orleans, in particular, has not fully recovered yet. There are establishments that await rebuilding. The question is, are there plans on bringing the old New Orleans back? Other say that it might not happen as storms or hurricanes will just keep on destroying the structures and the beauty of the historic city.

I wasn't here when Katrina strike. I am trying to live myself in that period of time based on hubby's stories. He said that the Parish where I am at didn't get much whipping  like New Orleans and other nearby Parishes had. Actually, it was just a minor one unlike the one's brought by Gustav that caused our destroyed chimney. Katrina did bring heavy rains flooding the lower grounds, though.

The most wonderful thing about a storm is that the appearance of the most colorful rainbow afterwards. Help across America comes rushing so quick, faster than fastest hurricane winds. Beautiful people offer every cent they could to feed the hungry, provide roofs for the unsheltered, warm the cold fleshes, entertain the weary and all kinds of help that we could imagine. The word "support" is sincerely meant  not only by words but in gestures especially. Reason why I still want my children to be in the arms of America.

Before I put this post into climax, I wanna salute the Cajun land and its people for standing proud as one and for being  strong after the rain.

photo from the Science Channel

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

wala pa diay ka ato diri sa US lir? unsa man diay ka tuiga nag-anhi? ako kay first august to naku diri, unya bisan sa tv lang ko nanakita, dreadful japon kaayo tan-awon. di pud katuohan nga ang US mainland mahitaboan ug ing-ato. oh well, when nature strikes! :(

MommaLira said...

2007 ko naabot dri, Cel.