Car accessories for the old car

Few months ago, I posted  about  vehicle trading between hubby and my mother-in-law. The MIL(mother-in-law) got our truck and we got her car. I did bite to the idea of bartering just because I wanna learn how to drive and I couldn't do it using the truck. MIL's car is nine years old, thus, there are minor problems such as the non-functional car DVD player and broken door handle. Hubby talked about changing the said player or maybe get a satellite radio but I don't know when he's gonna push through his plan. Pretty much, the car is still in great condition besides the non-functional dvd player and broken handle. It is workable for maybe five years or more.

Now that I know how to drive, hubby is thinking of getting a GPS device for me. I told him he could get it around Christmas and that would serve as his present for me. See? I choose what gift to receive lol.

We only have one personal car. No need of having two because the hubby is using a car issued by the Sheriff's Office. The car that we have right now is pretty much for my own use. So far, there is no plan on adding one more. It's just a lot of money involve and there is no reason to get one.

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