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Blogging has given me resources while staying home. I had no idea that I will become addicted to it. Initially, my blog was just to update my family and friends around the world on how I live my daily life in a land where all cultures are mostly or widely accepted and where the what they call "opportunities" are found. After a half year, the passion turned out to be something so special that I just can't give up even when I start working full-time.

I am not that good  at it (blogging), definitely not the best you could find in the web but I am trying my very best. Despite of that, I know that my works, some of it, are appreciated because I could track it through Blog Copy, the fastest and growing weapon  for bloggers alike right now. I know if someone copies my work and if someone reads it.

2 responses:

Cacai M. said...

Hi Maam Lira, mora'g nindot ni'ng blog copy da^.. naa ba ni bayad Maam Lir? I am pretty interested with this pero as I visit the site lain man to og language, wla lang ko kita sa language translation nuon pod mao ngutana nlng ko direkta nmo. :-) Mora ni xa og para sa anti-plagiarism no?

Zezebel said...

What an interesting service. Is it free? or some option cannot be used with the free service?