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Before I planned on getting pregnant nearly three years ago, insurance hunting was a task designated to the hubby. The searching and reviewing health insurance process was harder for him. He had to give a lot of phone calls to insurance companies or agents just to make sure that the insurance that he'd buy works perfectly for me. After a couple of days, he finally was able to find the health insurance with PPO plan that covers maternity as well as the child.

A year and half later, we found out that the health insurance did not cover much of our expectation, thus, the decision to cut it off transpired. Now we are in the process of weighing which health insurance we should get and if we are sticking still with a HMO plan that gives us freedom to choose the physicians that we want from a wide network or try HMO plan that requires us to choose a primary care provider and is cheaper than former.

The decision making is harder than we thought. Let's see on the next couple of weeks, the revelation will happen right here. Before I end thing post, I got to give a credit for feeding me the much needed information for the decision making. Now I know what PPO or HMO plans mean, thanks to the  the self-explanatory information on the website.

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