Payday again!

Yeehuh! Tomorrow is payday...again! I am kinda excited because I am getting my share for my bank account which is going to be blown out on the next day or two. The 'lil one's birthday is happening on Monday. So instead of giving hubby more loads on his shoulder, I did offer to do all the preparations including party supplies.

Hubby pays all the bills as I am not working full-time nor part-time. Tons of notes are waiting to be paid tomorrow including mortgage that is taking so much of the budget. Good thing we don't own an RV yet or the poor man will be paying rv insurance as well, another heavy load on his part.

I already have in mind what to prepare on the said occasion. Of course, Filipino dishes will take over American foods. The invites were already sent to select people but didn't hear from some of them yet. If more kids are coming, games will be set up, too. Monday is gonna be a lil chaotic yet so much fun.

2 responses:

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Lir, kanus-a ang b-day ni Danielle? Sa Monday? As in July 4th? Kay Triz kay karong Sunday baya, July 4th, sunod lang diay sila?

Mingaw akong payday kang sheriff, as in isa ra ka task. Nalimtan na jud ko nila for 2 weeks na. Maynalang karon pag-log in naku, naa silay gibigay. Wa ra diay ko na-delete sa ilang system. Lol.

mamalira said...

sa Monday pa, cel. Sunod silang triz..happy bday to 'em!