Saying adieu to acne


I spent over $30 to give Pro-active a try a couple of moths ago but guess what had transpired after a week of serious application. More acne, uneven skin tone and blemishes were visible on my skin. Pro-active is not for me and not for everyone.

The infomercial that I keep on seeing on the television is very persuading. Who won't get persuaded after seeing those endorsers with healthy skin, skin with no acne or blemishes at all. Oh well, of course the production would select someone who could present the product so well just to get the highest possible sale. But tell you what, it didn't work at all. Even a friend of mine condemned the product. She didn't get the result that she's hoping for.

There are so many acne treatments that our local stores offer. Actually, I am able to find the best acne products for myself in a pharmacy here. By the way, I didn't have an acne-prone skin. It so happen that my skin is not well-adjusted to the cold weather. Going back, I need not to search and keep on trying for various acne treatment products  because I already found the one.

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