Dressing up the old patio furniture


In my previous post, dated March 29th, 2010, I shared about the activities that my family had on that day. The hubby and I with the 'lil one were on the road for a road trip. We went from one store to the other, from a friend's house to the next and dropped by at in-laws' respective houses for a visit and chit chats.

At the thrift store, I bought a couple of outdoor cushions for our old but still functional patio furniture. The colorful cushions along with flowering plants really made a difference. From dry and dead looking to warm and cozy feeling. Small change and inexpensive things brought the life back. The 'lil girl loves to sit on her tiny chair while watching the birds eat and fly. Of course, mama and dada are just around watching her every move. A happy family in a pretty patio.

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