Congratulations, Gladys and Jackie!

Today, while FB-ing, I spotted a friend's photo showing her baby bump. She and her husband are so excited for the blessings that they just knew less than a week ago. My friend Gladys Erhardt is so pregnant to her first child. Congratulations, Mare Glad and Carlo. Wish you a happy pregnancy and a very healthy baby.

For the time being, I am certain that Gladys will take a hold on her adventures, no more trail hiking and even refrain herself from being  a hard core in the gym, her exercise routine shall change. Though, minimal walking is good for her. I bet ya she is craving for various foods now and even have mood swings, normal for a person with such condition.

My congratulations also goes to my other friend who recently gave birth to a baby girl. Jackie is enjoying the presence of her adorable girl while adjusting to motherhood. I see that she gained weight just like other new moms. And to you dear mommy, just in case you wanna lose those pregnancy fats, maybe  try taking a fat burner supplement every day or as required. I did not try it myself, afraid of capsules or any tablets to clog in my throat so  can't give my opinion on the certain product. Maybe you can Jack since you are fearless.

So long girls. Enjoy your moments.

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