Because of business cards

The sister's husband co-owns a communication company that sells and fix radios and other products that I am not aware of the uses. The business is doing great especially every winter. So I asked him about the business strategies that he is imposing. Of course I know that he graduated from Oxford University with an engineering degree and that must be the main reason why he knows it all even answering customer queries which is someone else's job.

Back to his strategies, he told me just a few. One is advertising that helps in so many ways in persuading new subscribers. He gives business cards to existing customers that are eventually passed through other new customers. His products are durable and of high quality while the labor is so reasonable that customer can even bargain. What a giving man, a trait that makes him successful in his endeavor.

Being nosy, I didn't let him go without showing me a piece of his business card. The card is humble with a unique lay-out and clear wordings. A card that is inexpensive. A card that plays a huge role why he is so successful.

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