I am bored. Bored of doing the same things over and over again. I want challenges but can not go beyond what I have right now. Household chores bore me a lot as well as internet. Tending my 'lil one bores me, too, when she wants to be by herself. So here I am writing just anything to complete my task and that I can submit it right away.

Meanwhile, my attention is caught by colon cleansing reviews at Before I can give my opinion, I need to log on to the website and take my time to read the reviews from various users and experts. To be able to give my sincere opinion, I need to give the product a try, not now but later.

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

di lalim ma-stuck sa balay ba. maka-boared jud if i-allow nato atong sarili ma-bored. pero ako kay i try my best jud nga never makadungog si triz sa akoa about boredom. kay mga bata diri kusog kaayo mang-reklamo nga bored na. for me and bana, daghan pwede himuon nga makapa-busy nila. they have all the toys na pero bored lang japon sila. kami sauna wa jud mi na bored sa among pagkabata kay always makakita ug exciting thing to do. sige man pangbasok ug panipa bato! hahaha!

something challenging Lir is work outside or school. i can't wait na pud lagi for fall kay maka-school na jud ko, daghan na challenges dayon. mamayat na jud dayon ko. yehey!!! lol