What can I say?


Another post about hubby...oppss!

He is sitting right next to me and we are chatting on FB. Did you know what he just said? We are going to live in a motorhome if in any case he lose his job. He's just gonna buy one and place it at the back yard of his parents property. What the heck?! So I said that we ain't losing this house because we started everything here and that he should work hard and be good to stay in the sheriff's office.

Anyway, the sister is online and is giving me the info about our visit to Pearl Farm in Davao. The rate is beyond my budget but I am hooking in just to experience a two-night-island getaway. Php 4.950.00 per person with the inclusion of overnight accommodation, welcome drinks upon arrival, one breakfast, one l unch, one Dinner, roundtrip boat transfers only and complimentary use of swimming pool, tennis court and resort selected recreational facilities is pretty much reasonable for a dollar island.

Sure is half of my own savings will be smashed for this trip alone. Oh well, that's what vacation means, luxury.

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