A long and joyful day


After a long day on the road with hubby and the 'lil one, we're back in our home sweet home. It sounds odd but I missed the comfort of my own house where I can pretty much do whatever I want without caring for someone's eye brow.

Around eight in the evening, I took care of what's needed to be done today. I cleaned the 'lil one's room, washed dirty dishes in the kitchen, picked up toys in the living room and sanitized bathrooms including two sinks in the master's bathroom that badly needed a TLC especially hubby area. His scattered stuff were so annoying to my eyes that I eventually arranged after brushing the dried toothpaste in his sink.

But anyway, I am glad the day is over with. Bunch were said and done. Blessings that come way are definitely the first to be thanked for before the day ends.

3 responses:

""rare*jonRez"" said...

nagbyahe diay mo Lir?

Grampy said...

It is always nice to get home. We are going on Vacation in May. We will have a wonderful time. But it will be nice to get back home.

Scotty's Princess said...

There's indeed no place like home, Lir. Asa man mo nangadto?