Who said Colts' gonna beat SAINTS?

My friend Angela, a die-hard Saints fan spends victory in Bourbon Street, New Orleans. She drove more or less an hour from Baton Rouge (with husband) just to be in NOLA.

Who dat?! A trend amongst New Orleans Saints fanatics and is now so known in the world. I wonder how many are saying WHO DAT every Saints game? Whoever composed and performed that song, thank you! You shared it heartily. Fans of all ages are singing each and every line of it.

I must admit that football was not my forte before. It was boring and a waste of time. But tonight, it vanished when I watch the 44th Superbowl from start to finish with the hubby and the lil one on the couch. We were squealing and jumping everytime the Saints made a great job. Even the lil one was into it. At first, we were dismayed and seemed losing hope that Saints won't be able to get the title. I told the hubby that when the luck starts, it's gonna keep on going and I was so right. After saying that, it all just went so great. Touchdowns and interception took place!

The Saints made history! Saints won!! My heart melted when the Saints and fans shed tears. I saw the joy in their hearts. The hubby hid his tears and went to the room. First time in the franchise of over 40 years that they won the Superbowl. Brees beat in every category the five of the greatest quarterbacks in the season. How cool is that? NFL commentators are just on and on talking about the Saints. Wahoooooo! It is so amazing! What a greatest gift from God.

Yes, I will be watching the games this season. If given a chance, we might head to New Orleans which is less than an hour drive from here to watch one of the games. By the way, I told the hubby to get a new TV, a huge one, that I can watch the games clearly lol. He just laughed. Hope he's gonna. Just a wishful thought.

Congratulations Saints and fans! We made it! Who dat?!

3 responses:

Hazelicious929 said...

Yehey! New Orleans Saints won! It was a memorable game for the Saints especially after the Hurricane Katrina 5 years ago.

Avee said...

Sissss, back to hopping!

RNSANE said...

Though it's been almost 45 years since I finished my RN training at Charity in New Orleans ( the Superdome didn't even exist then nor did the football team, the Saints ), I still love the place and visit nearly every year. Many of my classmates are still there, nurses and doctors and, though I live in 49'er country and root, first and foremost, for them, the Saints come second. I am thrilled they won the Superbowl.