Sister is insured!

My sister and I talked thru YM voice chat last night. In the midst of the chats, her hubby came home from work and handed to her tons of envelopes including postal mails. One envelope was from the insurance company consisting the approval of life insurance that her hubby had purchased for her.

Prior to the purchase, my brother-in-law had to check for term life insurance quotes as well as informed himself with the insurance policy. I bet you that he chose the best and didn't mind the rate. I know him so well when it comes to his family. So now that the application is approved, he's gonna lose tons of money monthly which is not a big of a deal because it's for the future.

Anyway, during the conversation, I told my sister that her husband is going to kill her now that she is insured lol. Of course it was a joke! Brother-in-law even acted like he was choking my sister. That was a funny gesture. We were laughing to death last night.

I am glad that they both have the insurance that will protect and support their kids in the future.

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Windmill said...

Hello Lira,

I've come to personally thank you for your kindness and donation support for the house being built.

I always repeated to myself, "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." when I go about doing what I do for people I meet in dire circumstance.

And this is indeed one instance where kind and generous persons like you have shone love and hope for this widow and her children.

Thank you most sincerely.
God Bless you Always,

lirachadsbaby said...

You are very welcome, Windy! The help won't just end there. It's gonna keep coming...

imelda said...

hahaha u sure are funny but sometimes we cant help but think this way, right?

bloghopping here lir. its been awhile since i had time to bloghop.hope ur okay