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In my previous post, I mentioned about having a post-Valentine's date with hubby. As I've said, he couldn't make it on Valentine's Day, yesterday, because he had to work which is absolutely fine with me. After all, everyday is love day for us.

So the celebration took place today. We had to drop the 'lil lady at her grandparents that we could go watch Avatar. The movie was really great as expected! (I'll give my review on that later.) Deserving to be the highest grossing movie of all time surpassing Titanic. The theatre wasn't packed at all which we kinda expected since movie goers prefer Valentine's Day and other new films. Anyway, the date with hubby happened exactly how I want it to be besides canceling our buffet dinner because we missed the 'lil lady who owns the car seat. Maybe we are not just used to going out without her. Nevertheless, it was so fun spending almost four hours together without lil one's scream in our ears.

Speaking of Love day, my brother and his wife are renewing their marriage vows in May. They chose the month as we are coming home for a vacation. In that way, we could also celebrate with them. Younger sister in Canada and I had conversations about the wedding during our chats thru YM. Pretty much we play as wedding planners with no pay lol. Everything from motif selection to the tiniest details were discussed. Part of my role is to produce wedding invitations. I am waiting for the couple's scanned photo to be sent to my e-mail that I can start the lay-out. My sister-in-law said she'll ask someone from the internet cafe with scanning software to get the the job done once Kuya Bong (eldest brother) is home from the Airforce base. Alright, I am giving her one two weeks to do it. Ultimatum? Sort of.

Meanwhile, I am excited for the wedding day, for them. At the same time, I am drawing high expectations on the forthcoming vacation. Hopefully everything will turn out great. The plane tickets will be purchased at the local travel agent since the bank does not allow over $1500 purchase online. We could have bought it last Wednesday. Once we get it, there is no stopping us from going! We'll cross whatever it is that blocks us. As per Dannielle's passport book application, we are still waiting. Haven't heard about my 10-year-greencard so far. Oh boy, crossing my fingers on these.

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Windmill said...

Greetings to you Lira,

I read your Comment over at Lainy's Musings and I've come here to personally thank you for your kindness and support.

Regardless of the amount, you can't imagine how much your contribution will mean for the widow and her three children. You have become instrumental in making life worth living for them.

Once again, I thank you with all sincerity for your kindness.

God Bless you Always!

Hazelicious929 said...

Hi Lira, nice post here! I am always happy when I see pinays going home. Oh yeah, not to mention, I am jealous. Hehehe I miss home too. Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation.