Today, I happened to talk to someone so dear to me. It's been over three years since the last time I glanced on her lovely face and charming personality.

Through YM and friendster, we were able to exchanged thoughts, shared experiences and plans and talked like old times.

She is Raesha Tan, daughter of my mentor. I met her 8 years ago. Now she is 18 years old and grew up to be a very responsible and respectful young woman. Her pretty face and personality are very attractive to young men and women as well. Yes, she had a couple of failed relationships. Indeed, she found a good man and they are together for over 2 years now.

So far, she is doing great with school. I just hope she'll finish her studies.

Thank you for sharing your time, SHa.

So there was a solar eclipse

I had no idea it was happening that night. To bad!! Eclipse comes once in a blue moon. That is why I am kinda frustrated of witnessing this kind of event.

GMA-7 news is my eyes and ears away from my home country Philippines. This website is very informative and is free.

So I was browsing each and every news and read about the solar eclipse which happened last MOnday, January 25, 2009. And how lucky Indonesians were for they are the only few in the world to witness the moon as it passed across the sun's path at 4:40 p.m., covering 92 percent of the sun's diameter and leaving a white, flaming ring of fire that lasted about four minutes.

It must be nice to be in Indonesia. It has been awhile and I want to see it again.

For horse lovers and equestrian singles

For sometime now, internet has been the middle in finding someone to be with. It can be friends and or a partner in life. This process is widely known as online dating. It seems that this system is working more than we think of and is so popular in the event of compatibility test and more.

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My bet bagged the crown

Beauty pageant is one of my frustrations. I have been wanting to join but seemed I don't have some of the qualities to be a contender. Firstly, I am not as tall as Julia Roberts nor as pretty as she is. Confidence is all what I have but is not enough though.

So last night was the most awaited Miss America beauty pageant. The selection was so thrilling for me. I had a couple of choices and so glad they made it to be the finalists.

To top it most, my bet bagged the crown. Katie Stam is Miss America 2009. She looked so shock, speechless and teary-eyed after Mario Lopez announced her name.

Staying up late was worth it. What an awesome night!


For more photos, visit www.missamerica.org.

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Stamps, stamps, stamps

Do you have stamps? Opps... not the postal stamps. I am talking about rubber stamp.

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Pinoyforums has a new domain

Let me start with some FAQ.

1. What is Pinoyforums?
It is a forum or a website where you can watch and share videos - Philippine TV shows and more.

2. Who can join?
Anybody can.

3. Is registration free of charge?
Yes, it is. Donation is accepted for maintenance/ domain.

I am not sure if they are planning to eliminate the current domain (http//pinoyforums.net). So far, it is still accessible but administrators have been encouraging members to register at www.pinoyforums.net.

New young celebrities

The Obama kids are the newest celebrities of today.

By just looking at the pictures and on television, I find them so simple. It might be that it's not sinking in their heads yet that their father is now the president of the United States.

Such lucky kids, eh?

It is really a drastic change in their lives. Now I am wondering how they are taking such fame.

Anyway, best wishes to the first family!

GreatAutoParts dot com

If you are looking for auto parts, I am encouraging you to visit and browse Greatautoparts.com.

In case you have no idea about the website or the e-store I mentioned above, let me share first some of the highlights.

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A free shipping is offered as well. Visit the website for details about that and for more information about products and services. You will get wrong.

It's tax time!

It's gonna be my first time to file and pay my tax . So far I have no idea about the IRS system. I still have to dig in the website for some information. All I know is that I am going to receive form-1099 at least this January or in February.

For US bloggers, I would like to point out that if you earned over $600 for the current tax year, expect form-1099 in your mailbox.

Anyway, I remember the rebate I had when I was still working in the Philippines. That was a great bonus. I spent it buying Kamiseta tops, gave some to my mother (I think) and treat my friends to dinner. The rest was kept in my account. It was a great life, I must say.

So long taxpayers!

WPRemix dot com

Just if you are looking for wordpress blog layouts, there is a website where you can visit and browse. A lot of my fellow bloggers have told me that WP remix is one of the bests.

If you are not familiar with it or have not heard about it, let me give you a sort of details. WP remix offers ingenuis designs & coded custom static page templates for your blog. I have no idea about the price but I heard it is very affordable.

YOur purchase is not limited to just one design but you will get yourself a bundle of completely customizable and high quality layouts. I have seen some of the designs and oh, boy you will really like it as much as I do. Too bad there is no reason for me to purchase because I do not have a wordpress blog. Anyway, there are given options along with your purchase to help you customize your own website. The process itself is very simple and self-explanatory.

This is how it works. While creating a page, simply insert the page layout of your choice in visual editor and edit it. Select different sidebar and/or header from a dropdown for this particular page if you wish and simply publish the page. That easy! There are a lot of features or add-ons, too! Isn't it fabulous?

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Ex-president's mother passes away

Matriarch Doña Mary Ejercito, mother of Philippine actor-politician Joseph Ejercito Estrada passed away. The ex-President's friends and relatives gathered around and bade farewell to Doña Mary Ejercito. She laid to rest in the family mausoleum at San Juan public cemetery last Saturday.

It is still fresh in my mind the controversies faced by the Estrada or Ejercito family years ago. If you haven't asked, I am one of his voters. My heart saddened when he was ousted from the Malacanang and the rest that happened to him. Nevertheless, he surpassed all of it.

Anyway, I'd like to extend my sympathy to the grieving family.

New year, new cell phone! get it for free

When we speak of new year, we often incorporate it to just everything new. We plan of changing some aspects in ourselves particularly losing our weight. Redecorate each and every area in our homes just like what I just did. Buying new stuff -- gadgets, electronics and more.

In connection to what I am talking above, I would like you to know that I know someone who is very much fond with gadgets. She almost have everything that comes out in the market. Oh, and how can I forget her collection -- her cell phones. She has more or less four of Sprint phones. Now it's making me to think if she is using all of it. She might have a color scheme or might have a schedule. What do you think? I don't want to ask her though. It's like invading her privacy.

She is actually the one who told me about the free cell phones from Bestincellphones.com. Now I know where and how she got her phones.

So my curiosity led me to browse Bestincellphones.com. True to what my friend said, the website offers free cell phones. There is a huge selection or deals like verizon cell phones and you can get a Motorola Q9m. Also, there is free cell phone sale offered for a limited time only.

How awesome is it if you are going to have cell phone family plans for a lower cell phone bill? That is a very good start for this new year, eh?.

E!'s third sexiest man

An actor from the Philippines had made it to be the world's third sexiest man. That is according to one of the leading entertainment news in the world, the E!. Who would expect that an individual from a third world country would make it?

He is Dingdong Dantes. One of the most after sought leading men in the Philippine showbiz industry. He is currently teamed up with Marian Rivera, FHM Philippine's sexiest woman.

If I am not mistaken, he is currently single. He just broke up with his long time girlfriend, Karylle. Rivera is actually said to be the cause. Hmn...?

Congratulations for such a huge achievement. Work more not only to be the world's sexiest and the best actor of your generation but remarkable individual and a true Filipino.

Dual Action Cleanse

"New year, whole new you."

I often hear that phrase since the start of the year. Even I have plan of doing some things to become a better individual, the best wife if not perfect to my husband, more loving mom to my daughter and of course, have a healthier body and mind for my family.

Today, I did not do much on my crap online. I just spent some of my time browsing some websites. By the way, my eyes stumbled upon dualactioncleansenow.com. It's a coincidence that I am trying and doing my best to have a healthy and active lifestyle and I came across that site. So I browsed, read and comprehend each word.

Anyway, are you familiar with the website I mentioned above? If not, let me just give you a bit of information about such. According to what I have read, Dual Action Cleanse is said to be the the ultimate colon cleanse formula available on the market now a days. Such cleanses our colon to eliminate the toxins in our digestive system. I would just like to make a point that having a healthy colon increases our energy which is the key to personal wellness. In addition to that, colon cleansing also does the decreasing in gas or bloating, more radiant skin and hair, and an overall trimmer appearance.

Most importantly, Dual Action Cleanse is made of natural ingredients or natural herbs which makes it safe and functions it's purpose well.

So if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, start by taking Dual Action Cleanse. Visit the website for your purchase and enjoy the free shipping.

Just a sigh

It's been a while since I have created entries for submission to the infamous advertising network. I am not earning much anymore from such. Advertisers are looking for high PR blogs and yet pay an ample amount for hundreds of words.

I am just happy that there is one more affiliate that us very consistent with it's system.

Some of my friends are looking for a permanent job now. They can no longer depend on paid blogging to pay some of their bills. Too bad for me as I can't do the same. I have a daughter who needs attention.

Well, well, well (sigh). It's true! nothing is permanent in this world. Everything will just come and go and so is blogging or google PR.

For now, I will still stick to this crap. Let's see what's going to happen later.

Q & A (friendster)

My friendster account is filled with questions. I responded to some but time came when I got tired of answering the same questions. To sum it up, I am going to retell it here for the last time.

  • Q1 - Why you did not tell us you are in America now?
Firstly, it is none of your business. Lastly, I did not plan any way to tell anybody besides my family. Even my grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and close friends did not know I left Philippines.

  • Q2 - Why you got married in the US?
That you can't witness my wedding lol. It is the most practical way.

  • Q3 - Why you did not indicate your real age in your profile?
Do I have to?

  • Q3 - WHen are you going back to the Philippines?
After we have packed our things, purchased our tickets and check-in at the airport.

  • Q4 - Where is my Christmas gift?
If you did not receive one then you are not or have never an important person in my life. Only those who molded me are my priorities.

  • Q5 - Why you don't go out with us?
I know you are thinking my husband is so strict. I will let you think with your own belief. For me, he isn't. He praises me always. He is the best husband a woman can have. FYI, actually he is telling me to go out with some FIlipinas around but I refuse to for reasons I am keeping myself.

If you have more questions, I might or not answering anymore if it pertain to my life.

Travel medical insurance

When you travel, do you purchase travel medical insurance? If not, we're on the same boat. It is not that I did not want to when I flew from Philippines to the United States but it' because I did not have any idea about it.

Now, I will make it a point that we'll have travel medical insurance before we left for a vacation in the Philippines.

I hope you will do the same. This may sound unnecessary but you can not predict the future. There might be cases that you will need it. Our lives are very precious, we have to save it as much as we can.

Saving memories

Most of my files especially photos are unsaved in my hard drive. I prefer doing so in case my computer breaks again. It happened before and it will happen again. A computer virus attacked my system which led to breaking the rest of the set.

So now I have my own flash drive for a back up. I saved photos and other files in it. I find it so easy to access as well. I just plug the USB in and I am good to go.

If you value the memories you've build, I suggest that you save it in a flash drive if you can't afford other innovative products. You can purchase such at Buy.com for a lesser price.

MAC memory

Apple Mac is one of the hottest and after sought brand today. Their products are outstanding just like the Mac memory , computers and more

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There are more selections on the website. Take your time to browse it for your purchase.

One Sunday afternoon

Just put my daughter to sleep. Oh boy, she is so fussy this fine Sunday afternoon. She just wanted to be held and rocked. It is so tiring for she is so heavy. In less than three minutes of holding her seems like I have been in a marathon catching my breath. My arms are sore as well. Well, yes I complain at times but it's part of motherhood.

Now I am relaxing while she is asleep. Just listening to my favorite music with headphones on my ears. Music soothes and calms me by the way.

ADT security systems

When I got married, I really did insist for a home security system. Though my husband is a law enforcer, still we'll never know that there are circumstances which may occur beyond our control. So far, it's doing well. We never have problems with the system itself as a whole.

Our neighbor by the way has the same system as we do. There was a time when they were out of town and burglars tried to sneak in. Hence, the plan of stealing did not push through because the alarm went on. To make it shorter, neighboring houses which includes us and the police came over. So they were caught!

Having a security system is necessary. It gives us a peace of mind knowing that we and our properties are protected in any how. This innovation has lessen the crime statistics that is why more and more houses and establishments have it.

If you are still dwelling in your belief that security system is not worth it, then it's time for you to make a move. Get in touch with ADT for details and purchase as well. ADT has my recommendation because we have it and so are the millions of households and business centers.

Office furniture e-store

If you are planning to redecorate your office, visit ofconcepts.com for a wide selection of office furniture. The furniture are categorized to the following :

  • reception area
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I would like to make a point that the website itself is well created, bold and comprehensive. More so, free shipping is offered. So check out the website for more your purchase and more details.

Taggy tag from Hazel

A taggy tag from Hazel. Thanks gurl!

Here are the rules:

1. Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.
2. Go to the 6th Folder and then pick the 6th Picture.
3. Post it on your blog and tell the story that goes with the picture.
4. Tag 5 other glorious people to do the same thing and leave a comment on their blog telling them about it.

On photo is my husband when he was 24 years old. He was in the marines then. Obviously, he is in the barracks or whatever with all the posters posted on the wall lol. He said he did not post the one's in his right. Hmn... defensive? As if I care, I told him.

Just last week, we were scanning and compiling his old photos and the above is just one. He is so handsome, eh? lol

Fun, free and safe online games


The emergence of technology has brought us into a virtual world. Now we can play games such as basketball, football, soccer, badminton and more through our own game consoles. Hence there are some of us who prefer to play online and I am one of those. I have been into this thing for quite sometime. Obviously, I enjoyed it.

But hey, some online games are not child-friendly at all. As a parent, educational and child-friendly games should take place in my child's activities . My daughter is too young though but I have to start now to be a good example.

It is for that reason that I am recommending and suggesting that you to take a tour on ActionAllStars.com. If you want your children to have fun, then this is it. I tried playing myself and I tell you I had a great time. The first thing I did was signed-up as well as created my own avatar. After some processes, I was able to access the website and toured the NBA Baller hall, Diamond ring and the football field. While on tour, I played some of the coolest games such as basketball and baseball. Playing is easy through the given instructions. Just drag and click your mouse and you are good to go. I say that this website is educational. Children will learn techniques, enhance skills and broaden their imagination. Most of all it's safe for parents have to give consent before a child can play. Let me just point it out that this website is for free.

By the way, the left photo is my avatar. I customized it using all the selections on the website.

I already have bookmarked the page for easy access on my free time. Do the same as well. You'll never get wrong.

Saving for our vacation

By April or May next year (2010), we are heading to the PHilippines to visit my family. Hopefully, we'll have a hindrance-free road. We are so excited to introduce Dannielle, our daughter to her Lola (grandma), lolo(grandpa), titos (Uncles) and titas(Aunts), cousins and other relatives.

In preparation to that, we are starting to save in addition to our budget. We'll never know how much we're going to spend there knowing that I have a lot of relatives.

Anyway, I told hubby to get me a piggy bank lol. He said I don't need one and thought I was just kidding. Well, I am not. I am serious in this saving thing.

Megabrand's magnet toys

There is something in magnets that make a toy superb. For everyone to know, I enjoyed playing with it when I was a kid and even 'til now with a daughter around. My Dannielle is six months old and enjoys every toy she sees and plays. Hence, her toys are limited for her age.

Speaking of magnets, I was browsing megabrands.com today and found a large selection of magnetic toys. Since my child is too young to play with these kinds of toys, I can not purchase one for her yet. Hence, I have a three year old niece who is such an adorable and playful little one. What I am planning to get for her is the Girlz Systems Ultimate. This toy is very colorful which most kids wants with colors such as pink, purple, peach and blue color with metallic balls. More so, it would help her sharpen her mind as well as build and widen her imagination. There are so many features about this product that I found valuable and useful and if you want to know more, you can go ahead and check it out at megabrands.com.

So if you want to make your little one happy especially on his or her special day, a simple gift such as magnet toy is I believe the answer. I suggest to purchase it at Megabrands, one of the largest online stores selling toy magnet in usa.