Thomas Kinkade Animated Crystal Tabletop Christmas Tree


This is an honest review for the product I received from Collectibles Today.

Words can not express how adorable this crystal holiday tree Christmas decoration is. I fell so inlove with everything about Thomas Kinkade Animated Crystal Tabletop Christmas Tree the first time I laid my eyes on it. There are a lot of details going on -- handpainted village with all the colors of Christmas, diamond patterns under each layer of the Christmas tree glass with simulated gems atop. The little one enjoys watching the train as it rolls around the inner base. She dances too when the Christmas medleys play.

On top of that, the product is easy to assemble. Just plug the adapter and connect it to the tiny hole found on the side area of brown-colored base, turn the button on, and the handpainted village lights up while train circles around the base. When the other button is pushed, various Christmas medleys play, too. The product comes with adapter.

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