Car trading and insurance shopping


I have posted about vehicle trading between the hubby and his mother months ago. I would just like to refresh my friends minds again as they keep on asking stuff about cars and insurance. So here I am sharing a lil bit of it.

The process took over a month including the waiting they had for the truck's title in hand. When it was received, they had to see a notary for the documents and titles to be notarized before purchasing insurance and proceeding to DMV to get the plates back. Insurance shopping was done in just an hour or two. The hubby first asked for insurance quotes at a nearby insurance agent before he did purchase his liability insurance since his had expired prior to car trading. He got the cheapest one with a great coverage.The MIL already had her insurance, she just needed to update it. Insurance shopping is not as arduous as what others are saying, it is only a matter of finding a reliable agent to get in touch with.

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