You can't fool me!


Last week, I won this auction on Ebay for a Lacoste polo shirt. The item arrived yesterday, so fast that impressed me more. The thing is, the item did not meet the seller's description and buyer's expectation. It's just a real fake. I wanted to like it but couldn't. As soon as I opened the package, I knew for sure that it ain't authentic for these reasons :

  • The logo is not embroidered well ; the real one has a very distinct and clear embroidered croc logo on the chest.
  • Buttons are not made of mother of pearl but made of plastic with 4 holes, too. The authentic has two mother of the pearl buttons with 2 holes on it and sewn vertically on the shirt.
  • Only has one tag. It should have 2 tags on the neck with trademark logo and size (4,6 or 8 on the first tag.
  • Washing instruction is not printed with DEVANLAY.
  • Fabric is cheap cotton.
The Lacoste that I bought doesn't have all the signs of authenticity. Seller did a great job in posting an unreal photo including free shipping. I was fooled but she'll pay for it. I left her a very negative feedback leaving her an 83% seller feedback. I did return the item as well to get my money back. In fairness, the seller is apologetic enough, thus, it didn't change my decision to inform other buyers about the scam. She (seller) needs to settle down and sell original, not imitation.

For those who buy Lacoste products on Ebay, better watch out. Examine the description carefully, ask for more photos before placing bids or purchasing directly. Don't give your whole trust to sellers with very satisfactory feedbacks. Some of them are selling their products for a low low price to attract buyers.

4 responses:

Twerlyn said...

yay oi, nabuang naman tingali ng gabaligya, way ulaw jud..
maau nagmubo na iyang rating.

NovaS said...

may jud kay kabalo kas orig girl.... wala bay kanang returned? dapat naa

mamalira said...

Ler, mao jud! wa sya kurati sa iyang baligya. Da lagi madugay d na mamaligya ky wa nay mopalit nya.

Novz, naa syay return policy. Or kng bisan wa pa ako jud iuli ky d man mao iyang g-describe nga item.

ajyukie_15 said...

ayay...mao na dra mao bitaw undang nko ug adto s ebay kay wa nkoy kwrta hahaha kasab i tong gabaligya der tagam niya hehehe