What a night of blessings!!!


Tonight is full of bliss and blessings. There are too many to thank about.

Many thanks to Lerlyn for helping me out the with the video. And oh, it's her daughter Bienne who exerted effort to give life to the product. Her acting is superb at a very young age. She knows the term adlib. Lerlyn is so fortunate for having a smart daughter like Bienne. Please watch the video posted on the previous post to see her prowess.

Thanking my mentor Ms. Tan for sparing with me her time tonight. We had a great chat mostly about library and librarianship. Yep, when librarians come across, expect a conversation full of criticism and appreciation against one's library management. Good thing I am not working there anymore or I will be carrying it on my shoulder.

Thank you to the ever giving Payu, I am finally over with some of my job assignments and submitted it that quick before expiration comes dreadfully. I still have two more job assignments to compose but then again, my eyes are about to fall down. My brain is drained as well and can't produce topics to share about. Sleep is the best medicine for it to recharge.

So tonight is the night when I need to let go of my desktop again. I will be disturbing HP tomorrow morning as soon as I finish feeding my daughter. See yah and have a great evening!!!

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Twerlyn said...

sikat kaau mi Bienne dre oi hehe!you're a blessing to us Lir, you know.muah!