Treat acne the natural way


Acne is a very common skin disease that usually occurs on the adolescence stage. This disease finds no exception that it also occurs on adults and even newborns.

When the lil one was on her first three months of life, she had a couple of spots (acne) on her face. The doctor said it's normal and will just go away in a manner of time. Now that she is fifteen months old, her skin looks so clear, acne vanished.

Occasionally, I have my breakouts, too that occur once a month. It does go away without applying any sort of acne treatments. Glad I don't have a pimple-prone skin.

However, a long time friend of mine has acne all over her face and neck. She said it runs in the family. She treats the breakouts everyday but seem she has no luck with acne treatments from her dermatologist. Sometimes her skin gets clear but most of the time acne just loses her confidence. I wanna help her like buy some natural acne treatments here in the US but it's gonna cost me a lot of money just for the shipping and handling to the Philippines. I guess it would be better if I will bring the kit with me on my vacation next year.

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