Shall I get it or not?


Tonight I am watching QVC's today special value segment. The featured product is Cook's Essential's porcelain enamel 14-piece cook set. I have been thinking for so long of getting a cook set. What I have right now are different pieces of antiquated cookwares that the hubby has been owning for over a decade. Not to mention the scratches and unmatched lids. I love to cook but not with these kind of unfriendly cookwares.

I still have time to decide 'til tomorrow before midnight. Just holding myself from checking out the item. I might purchase one if the hubby's going to help me pay. If not, I will just stick to the old ones.

So, it's already 11:29PM here. I gotta go now and prepare for bed. Can't watch the program that long as it's making me jealous and persuading me to get one right quick.

Ya'll have a good night.

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

tagpila man sis, mahal kaayo?

i am dying to get a cookset, too. mantenir ra man ko diri ug baratohon oi, wa pa mi budget sa mahalon. lol