Energy efficient light bulb saves money


Last year, I did a little updates in the house. I have changed the kitchen faucet as well as replaced the light bulbs in the kitchen, living room, hallway and the three bedrooms.

Since I am a pro-green environment, I have chosen the energy light bulbs to save energy and eventually money. For more savings, I just replaced one light bulb and took off those are not energy saver bulbs. So instead of having three or more bulbs in one fixture, only one bulb is giving light to each area or room.

Speaking of energy saver light bulbs, here is the website that you can give a visit in case you need replacements or updates. Check out for a large variety of light bulbs. This e-store is now on sale for up to 60% off. THis is a huge savings -- a discounted light bulb plus energy bill. Ain't that cool?

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Twerlyn said...

Lir, thank you so much for the warm bday greetings. I really appreciate the thought! Kani Lir kuyawan sad kog ayo kay inigles.

Mao baya ni amoang mga suga sa balay ba..maka save jud bitaw sa kuryente.