Filipino teachers facing uneployment and underemployment in Baton Rouge


I talked to one of my Filipino friends early Saturday morning. She stopped by to hand me the bows she's selling. The supposed to be stop over ended to an over twenty minutes conversation. One of the topics we had was the underemployed and unemployed Filipino teachers in Baton Rouge. We were in the middle of our conversation when the 'lil girl started whining. So a friend of mine had no choice but to leave.

According to my source (WAFB), there are more or less 34 Filipino teachers who were fired by the East Baton Rouge Parish school system for "non-compliance" or low evaluation. THis happened around late May.

Others also came here for nothing. The agency recruited them but when they came here, the school has no available slots. The dream of coming and working here (US) cost them a fortune. Some sold their properties just to pay UPI (an agency in CA) for more than $10,000. Now their visas are about to expire.

These teachers are consulting a lawyer for legality issues. I have no idea yet if it's progressing or not.

The school system is reasonable enough on eliminating these teachers basing on the evaluations. Who would want to hire employees with degrading capabilities? Maybe in the Philippines but in the US, I doubt it. How could they impart knowledge if they couldn't give it to themselves? They might be very intellectual and are satisfactory in the Philippines but American education is beyond. Too many adjustments to face. A day, a month or a year won't fill it.

I remember I saw some of them at Pinay Gigi Filipino store a while back. Unfortunately, we didn't have a little chat. They were doing their grocery shopping. What a coincidence that hubby brought me there, too for some siopao and ice cream. We were like a meter or so away from each other by the counter. Tell you that they were kinda snob. Seemed they saw nothing but their fellow teachers. Duh! I was once a teacher for your info. To think that the store is fairly not huge but their voices have taken the entire building. Even the hubby noticed their gestures. He was looking at me asking about them through his facial expression. I just raised my shoulder which means "I don't know". My Filipino friends couldn't even believe that it happened to them, too at the mall.

Pity? I am not for them. They kinda disrespected me. Well, I didn't ask their whole attention. They could at least have shared an eye to me that I could smile and say hello. It didn't happen. Now, I am turning my head, too. I guess this is the best way to say "it's equal now". Sorry for the attitude here. Just couldn't forget that incident.

I am a Filipino. I reciprocate respect. I am for Peace.

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Twerlyn said...

nah, why man na dili cla mamansin na unemployed man gani cla with low evaluation, what a shame..Dinhi kay bisag kinsa akong smilan,hehe kay ang mga tao dre mga smiling faces man oi,mao samot kadaghan akong wrinkles ba..pero bitaw Lir naa jud mga pinay dre na bisag nag smile na imong lips, eyes ug fez d gihapon mu smile back..naka encounter sad ko dinhi kadaghan na.ambot ug ngano cguro feeling nila naa gihapon cla sa Pinas na d mamansin kung d magkaila.

Lira said...

na lagi Ler. was jud pansin ako beauty ba. Hulat ra tawon ko molingi sila nko aron akoy mo-smile.

Rare Recel said...

my hubby is a teacher himself and so, it always affects him whatever issues involving filipino teachers in this country are facing. he even tries to extend help basta naa lang jud syay mabuhat. pero sa part aning imong gi-share sis, lahi ra jud. proud filipinos here are a no-no to us, too. i hope they'll realize how proud they've become, karon sila na nuon ang makaluluoy.

anyway, thank you sa comment sa akong latest post sa wisconsin and beyond naku nga blog! yeah, i'll try to continue that story as soon as i can. have a lot to write pero drained pa ang utok brain. lol i'll follow ur blog in there and ad ur link! oks ba? ;-)

ajyukie_15 said...

chapa d i ang beauty der?sagpaa r gud ug makita nimo usab hehehe...imbes makig amigo ug pinoy para incase naay motabang s ilaha dba?we never know..pero nevermind them manigas n lng ilang liog hehehe..anyway..hiway..along the way..dinhi r taman akong comento..