So there was a solar eclipse


I had no idea it was happening that night. To bad!! Eclipse comes once in a blue moon. That is why I am kinda frustrated of witnessing this kind of event.

GMA-7 news is my eyes and ears away from my home country Philippines. This website is very informative and is free.

So I was browsing each and every news and read about the solar eclipse which happened last MOnday, January 25, 2009. And how lucky Indonesians were for they are the only few in the world to witness the moon as it passed across the sun's path at 4:40 p.m., covering 92 percent of the sun's diameter and leaving a white, flaming ring of fire that lasted about four minutes.

It must be nice to be in Indonesia. It has been awhile and I want to see it again.

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NovaS said...

don't worry lira hindi ka nag iisa... pati ako i forgot...