Saving for our vacation


By April or May next year (2010), we are heading to the PHilippines to visit my family. Hopefully, we'll have a hindrance-free road. We are so excited to introduce Dannielle, our daughter to her Lola (grandma), lolo(grandpa), titos (Uncles) and titas(Aunts), cousins and other relatives.

In preparation to that, we are starting to save in addition to our budget. We'll never know how much we're going to spend there knowing that I have a lot of relatives.

Anyway, I told hubby to get me a piggy bank lol. He said I don't need one and thought I was just kidding. Well, I am not. I am serious in this saving thing.

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Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Lira! saving is really a good idea. We don't know what would come our way but it is the best thing to do especially when you are planning on something...

Good Luck on saving and I wish you all the best this 2009.

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