E!'s third sexiest man


An actor from the Philippines had made it to be the world's third sexiest man. That is according to one of the leading entertainment news in the world, the E!. Who would expect that an individual from a third world country would make it?

He is Dingdong Dantes. One of the most after sought leading men in the Philippine showbiz industry. He is currently teamed up with Marian Rivera, FHM Philippine's sexiest woman.

If I am not mistaken, he is currently single. He just broke up with his long time girlfriend, Karylle. Rivera is actually said to be the cause. Hmn...?

Congratulations for such a huge achievement. Work more not only to be the world's sexiest and the best actor of your generation but remarkable individual and a true Filipino.

4 responses:

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SEDONA said...

nice blog. wanna xchange links

Hazelicious929 said...

I like him before but now, I like Josh Duhamel and Josh Lucas hehehe

iceah said...

i love dingdong not because of how he looks and his built but because I like his attitude a very respectable guy c: for me ha c: