Remembering Papa

Every year, it is customary for us to celebrate All Saints/Souls day. This day is very special for me and my family in the Philippines. Visiting my grandfather's and other relatives' tomb is one of our activities. It is also a reunion for the clan.

This is the second time I'm missing the celebration. Last year, I wasn't able to see everybody and offer a prayer for my grandfather for I am thousands of miles away. This year is the same. When I come to visit my family by year 2010, one of my stops is to visit papa's tomb.

Every time I talk about papa(grandfather), I can not help my heart from breaking. He was a very good man. I wanna hug him so tight but I can not. Too much stories to say why and how we lost him and it will just tear me more if I keep going.

Find your true love here

The emergence of virtual world has brought us into the next level. With just a click of the mouse, we can pretty much do everything without even exerting much effort.

Computer and Internet has been a part of my world since college days. I can not live a day without me manipulating the keys and check my favorite websites.

But how true that love can be found through this means? I should say it is. The proof is the one's writing this entry -- I. Believe me or not there are thousands of couples living harmoniously around the globe. Couples who met online, fall in love and live together despite of the racial criticisms that bound their way.

I met my husband two years ago on one of the famous and long-running websites for dating, finding true love and marriage. At first I was incredulous of what was happening. Never had the kind of relationship in my life. Yet I kept going and here I am living with my man in the United States with our four month old baby.

Just like me, you too can find him or her on Just sign-up, create your profile and search for free. Remember that your one true love is just within reach.


Ready for my own concert

Last week I purchased a new magic sing ED-9000. I have been wanting to have one but just couldn't for financial reasons then. THis magic mic costs too much and I did not wanna bother my husband for that. So when I started earning, I promised to pamper myself by purchasing the said product.

Today I received it. After the UPS man placed the box at the back door, I rushed and got it. I then plugged every necessary cords and lo! The concert begun lol.

Bop-Along with the Bop-a-Lots

Kids nowadays are so fortunate for having all the high-end technologies around. I never experienced it during my younger years. Even watching television and listening to the radio were being deprived from me and my siblings by our parents.

Now that I am a mom, there is no reason enough to hinder my baby from watching television nor DVD as long as she can learn from it. Bop-Along with the Bop-a-Lots is just one and a must watch because it is a Parenting Magazine "DVD of the Year!". My baby will be able to learn a lot.

Ex-5 and up host is back on TV

Not a girl but now a lady. She is one of the bests in Philippine showbiz industry. Best as she gives focus on school rather than accepting job offers.

I first laid my eyes on her thru 5 and up, a children show in the Philippines before. One of the young hosts is Maxene Magalona, daughter of actor, hosts and composer-singer-rapper Francis M and Pia Arroyo-Magalona.

Maxene appeared on television shows such as Dadedido with Vic Sotto and the rest of the gang.

After a long while, she co-starred Richard Gutierrez for the evening soap Kamandag.

Now she is visible every weekday afternoons on GMA-7's Una Kang Naging Akin co-starred Wendell Ramos. This is a heavy drama soap and shows off Maxene at her best. A must watch soap.

The show is my past time every evening.

For Fantasy Football players

Most men I know here are Fantasy football fanatics. They are into everything as long as it talks about football.

This Fantasy Football is one of their destination. Every now and then they talk about this website.

Fantasy Football actually is the leading online destination for Fantasy Football news, stat analysis, and player. Here you will get the latest and you will receive tips and advices from other Fantasy players available online and via text messaging.

If you want to be updated in Fantasy Football, check out WaiverWire Beta and sign-up. There is a free registration but if you want to get all the features, you will have to pay a very reasonable amount for it. The following are the basic features and a must have for your own updates :

  • Plan by Plan Steps
  • Personalized Profile Page
  • Upload your Fantasy Team(s)
  • NFL Team News Feeds
  • Local News Feeds
  • Local Sports News Feeds
  • Over 100 Feeds to Choose
  • Message Boards
  • Blog
  • Scores & Schedules
  • Odds
  • PA-SPORT News
  • Player News
  • Team News

There are more to watch out and will come out soon. Just check out the website often for that.

If I am to evaluate this website, I think it great enough and can not think of anything to add or to recommend.

Thanks for the tasks

My huge thanks to triple P for all the tasks I had for today. I have completed all the slots for this blog. The offers are not that huge but still it is better than nothing.

Tomorrow is another day again. Hope to wake up great and early and of course, compose more assignments.

A must have educational DVD

My baby is growing-up. Sooner or later she'll need tools to develop her whole being aside from the teachings she will learn from me. DVD is one great educational tool. So hear I am looking for Award-winning educational DVD online. My next stop is to purchase "Bop-Along with the Bop-a-Lots" DVD which teaches productive thinking.

A friendship candle

I was tagged by Lisa. Thanks a lot dear. What a coincidence! I was just thinking of my friends and here I got this tag. You read my mind right.

Please don't break this even if you only send it to one person. Thanks...

This candle was lit on October 29, 2008.

1. Richelle 2. Lisa 3. Lira 4. YOU'RE NEXT

Someone who loves you has
helped keep it alive by sending it to you.

Don't let The Candle of Love, Hope
and Friendship die! Pass It On To All

Of Your Friends and Everyone You Love!
May God richly bless you as you keep this candle burning.
A friend of mine passed this to me and now I am passing it also to all my blogging
friends and I hope it comes back someday again.

Please keep this candle alive

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Sharing this to friends Gladys, Jackie and Avee.

Cydcor helps

Isn't it great to find out that Cydcor assists it's sales offices in supporting their communities through charity and volunteer work? This is not a common or customary deed but they made it. Cydor has just launched a Volunteer Day benefit for its own team members in which people are paid eight hours annually for time they spend supporting a charitable organization of their choice.

Please read the press release below to learn more about CYdor and it's program.

Press Release:

Cydcor Launches Neighborhood Leaders Volunteer Program

Leading global provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams makes it
easy for sales offices to give back to their communities through new program

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. (October 22, 2008) – Cydcor, the leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams, has introduced its Neighborhood Leaders Program, a new internal program available to Cydcor’s network of sales offices. The program is designed to assist sales offices in supporting their communities through charity and volunteer work.

Cydcor’s network of nearly 200 independent sales offices located across the United States and Canada will be given financial sponsorships and encouraged to donate their time and talent to non-profit, charitable organizations in their communities. Each independent office is eligible to take advantage of Cydcor’s Neighborhood Leaders Program once annually.

“We’re proud of this new program, and Cydcor wants to support the efforts of current and new sales offices,” said Cydcor President Jim Majeski, “Cydcor believes it’s imperative to not only support the communities in which we live and work, but also to support those communities in which the sales offices thrive.”

In addition to the Neighborhood Leaders Program, earlier this year, Cydcor launched a Volunteer Day benefit for its own team members in which people are paid eight hours annually for time they spend supporting a charitable organization of their choice.

“Cydcor is dedicated to supporting team members and sales office charitable ventures and igniting interest in volunteerism, whether it’s financial or a donation of time,” said Jim Majeski, President of Cydcor. “Our goal is that this philanthropic spirit will continue to be instilled in our team members and becomes ingrained in our culture. It is simply the right thing to do.”
About Cydcor, Inc.
Cydcor, Inc., is the leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams to a diverse client base of companies in a range of industries, including telecommunications, office products, retail energy and financial services. Cydcor works with a network of independently owned corporate licensee (ICL) sales offices providing clients with access to nearly 3,000 sales professionals and 200 offices in North America. The privately held company is based in Westlake Village, California.
For more information about cydcor, log on to

She can't be a perfect wife

That's the latest from Kris Aquino, Philippines top endorser, host and actress. She's back in hosting ABS-CBN's The Buzz. If you are going to dig my entries here, I posted before about Fermin's suspension. This is the reason why Kris is back in the show but not for good though. She is set to stay for just 8 weeks.

On her come back, there are a lot of issues to be answered. If you are Kris' fans, tune-in to The BUzz every Sunday afternoon, Philippine time.

For the love of birds

We are lucky we have a huge backyard. My husband really chose to purchase our property for his family to be somehow close to nature. We have trees and other species of plants. That is why birds are rampant. There are hummingbird, owl, eagle and more which I can not specify.

If I am not busy, I go out and spread some crust of bread on the ground. Birds will then flock around which is a very wonderful scene to look at. Hence, it is not enough. Birds need feeders and bird houses. I checked in a store nearby and was actually planning to purchase such products but they don't have it. I don't wanna travel to the next town and look for it coz it's too costly on gas.

For that reason, I have decided to just purchase feed feeders and bird houses online. Good thing I stumbled on this website which sells a large variety of products solely for birds. I am actually browsing now and will purchase any which will catch my eyes.

Just so you need squirrel-proof bird feeder, check out or simply click the link provided herein to be redirected quickly. Tell you guys, they have a lot to offer us.

Entrecard outage

Supposedly, I was to drop EC this morning. Hence, I couldn't as Entrecard is down.

By the way, I started dropping again yesterday.

Thanks for dropping as well during the times when I was busy.

What not to wear

It's one of my favorite shows on TV. I enjoy watching Stacey and Clinton -- the hosts. Their funny gestures make the show aside from the fact that they are fashion gurus. They do help weirdo individuals dress appropriately with a free $5000 worth of credit card. I have learned a lot from them as well.

My friend Gladys is a fan of theirs as well. VOte for me Glads and we'll divide the $5000.

Watch What not to wear on TLC.

Life saver

Our country is in the battle of economic crisis now. Everybody is affected especially the real estate and mortgage professionals. Opportunities are so aloof. For you guys, here is a new opportunity that will surely boost your career back. It is the loan modification or better termed as loss mitigation.

Check out loan modification leads for more details about the upper mentioned chance. This will save your life.

Cheap dresses

Yeheyyyyyy I won this dress. I bid and got it for the price of $3. This is just so pretty and so cheap. I had bid before and didn't win it. I am glad that seller had listed again.

This is not the only dress I shopped for tonight. There is one more for 99 cents. I was the only one who bid that's why I got it for that price.

Shipping is $5.99 for the first item and $2.50 for the second.

It's a promise

Living a life in addiction is horrible. I know that for a fact as per experience. No, it's not me if you think I am. It's my brother. He is alcoholic and in his early 20s. At the early age he almost had a heart attack which of course partly caused by alcohol intake and its hereditary.

Now if you are having problem getting rid of drug and alcohol addiction and other co ocurring disorders, get help from Promises Treatment Center before it's too late.

Ideal gift for her

I can now feel the cold breeze of the Holiday season. We are getting into that special celebration for almost everyone. This season is to give thanks and remember the people whom we are thankful of having in our lives especially women. Gift-giving is such one thing to do so.

Let's talk about gift-giving for the women of your life. For your mom, wife and girlfriends whom you think has everything in the world but you still want to give her something special, there is one best gift for her. A gift that would be a life saver in the future. Why not give her a gift certificate from C'elle, a revolutionary service dedicated to providing women with a safe and easy method of collecting and preserving stem cells found in her menstrual fluid each month. The latest science has revealed that stem cells, harvested from a woman’s own menstrual blood may be used in treating a number of possibly life-threatening diseases that she, a parent, a sibling or even her children may face in later years, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

C’elle gift certificates can be purchased in any amount over $50 which is the smallest price to pay for the cutting-edge research and technology C’elle offers a woman. You can place your order here and take a look at prices offered by Celle.

One more strike

Earthquake , earthquake, earthquake...when will this end? Such a stupid question, eh? This is because of the news I read this morning.

Natural calamities really bother me. My mind just go crazy thinking of the possible aftermath I might go through. I have had enough of Hurricane Gustav. Tell you guys, it sucks!

Going back to natural calamity, a strong earthquake striked in the ocean near Papua New Guinea. According to theUS Geological Survey, the 6.2 magnitude quake struck Thursday night 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) below the surface. It was centered 150 miles (245 kilometers) north of Wewak, Papua New Guinea.

There is no no reports of injury or damage and no tsunami warnings have been issued.

Build those muscles

Are you wishing of having adorable and tasty muscles? Hep, hep, got to try a muscle building pill. Take Hemadrol, the strongest, most effective compound to date when it comes to building muscle - quickly.

In two weeks time you will see results. Here are the benefits of taking Hemadrol:
1. Promote and increase in free testosterone baseline blood vessels.
2. Promote muscle hypertrophy.
3. Promote strength gains.

This is for you

My mother-in-law took her time to visit me and her grandchild Dannielle (my baby). Tell you guys she is so nice. Perfect mother to her children and good person to everyone. Most of all, she is there like my real mother.

Tomorrow she'll be out of town. She'll be out for over a week and this is the best time for me to get something for her for the Holidays. I am thinking of giving her gift baskets.

Hope she's going to like it.

Face it smoothly

My friend has been dealing with her acne since she was fourteen years old. She is 26 now and did not find the right treatment for her acne yet. She tried several products in the market but seems those were not working.

I gave her the link where she can read reviews about the the best acne treatment in the market. Here she can make comparisons and who knows she'll be able to find her long time wish.

Whatcha doin?

Every now and then, we, Dada and Mama ask our lil girl "whatcha doin?". Her responses are so cute. She makes sounds like oohhs and projects her smile. What a pretty baby to look at.

She is not a smiling baby when strangers to talk to her. She screams and turn her head away. At the early age, she knows whom she's gonna show her smiles and laughs.

Are you in?


If you are going to risk anything just to win a huge prize, would you do it? Hmn how about if the requirement is for you to shave your head and be bald, would you still go for it? And what if you should have your bald head tattooed? If you are willing, then you are in for this promo.

Let me tell you a sort about it. What I have been talking above is real. This is Air New Zealand Cranial Billboard campaign in Los Angeles wherein they will be selecting 30 adults to be shaved and tattooed. The selected participants will will get a roundtrip ticket to New Zealand and or cash just for participating the campaign.This is a part of the airline's marketing campaign promoting life-changing journeys to New Zealand. The casting call is happening in late October. Visit for more details.

Speaking of life-changing journey, I have had a lot in life. Those are actually somehow my inspiration aside from my families. Let me take you back to that phase of my life. I was studying then in a Catholic school wherein Religious Education courses were requisite. The last course changed the old me. I was a happy-go lucky student before but when we had an outreach and exposed ourselves to the poor of poor. I saw those children who lives in the highlands (mountainous area) and have to walk down for miles just for them to be in school. After school, they have to work til dark. They eat once or twice a day with just a piece of banana. I witnessed a lot and those really stubbed me deeply. I can not imagine myself living the life they have.

Everybody is not blessed with luxury and yet happiness and satisfaction are within his/her heart.

By the way, what do you think about this man? He is in for Air New Zealand Cranial Billboard campaign, eh?

Flew so quick

Wow! There are numerous opportunities from triple P. But guess what, it flew so fast and I couldn't keep up.

It's not that I was slow in catching, it's just that every time it popped out, my sweetpie needed attention.

My mouth is watering staring at those big fishes in gray. Whew! Better luck next time.

Car parts e-store

The increasing price of gas and purchasing car parts are such a pain in our pockets. But hey, it won't cost us a fortune if those auto parts are affordable, right?

Here is an online store which sells auto parts and more. Check out for more details.

Want an icing on a cake? Well, a very low price is guaranteed for every product you purchase with free shipping.

Friendship tag

Thank you so much to Mommy Jerl for this cutie tag.

I do appreciate the friendship we share in the blogosphere. It's so great to know a supermom like you.

To all my friends, thanks a lot for putting up with me.

We need Friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need Friends to comfort us when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.
We need Friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on, and treat us nice.
We need Friends to remember usone we have passed sharing memoriesthat will always last.

Print calendar

Holiday seasons is also known for gift-giving for most of us. It is the time of the year to give thanks to the people whom we are grateful of having throughout the years.

Speaking of gift-giving, do you have any ideas in mind for your family, friends, colleagues or subordinates? If you don't have yet, how about give each one of them a Print Calendar? For me, this is one perfect gift or keepsake. It will last for the whole year round. Also, it's not a common thing to give away.

If you have made up your mind, check out It offers custom printed calendars and a lot more. It has a lot of designs to offer. Choices are given to make it a perfect gift for everyone and you can select from the following :

1. Desk Calendars
2. Photo Desk Calendars
3. Wall Calendars
4. Photo Wall Calendars
5. Poster Calendars
6. Photo Poster Calendars
7. Wallet Calendars
8. Calendar Magnets
9. Folded Calendar Cards
10. 4" x 8" Calendar Cards

Calendars are priced from $3.49 and up. It's on sale right now. So take this chance for a lot more savings.

Ordering is so easy. Just log on to the website and steps for ordering are clearly stated.

Didn't drop EC for days now

I would like to apologize for not dropping EC back. These days are rough. My daughter is really driving me crazy. She is always cranky and always wanna be held.

I am just so tired and lazy nowadays.

I promise to give EC dropping a time any day this week.

ItsMedtime dot com

If you are one of those who are very forgetful especially in taking your medication, here is the unbeatable reminder.

Your cell phone will be the medium for this. Once you have sign-up at, you will receive sms reminders to help you take your meds on time. They also offer family plans. So check out It's Med Time! today for more details.


I am so tired today. I did not do any of my household chores and just watched my baby. This girl is really a pain on my butt. Every night before her bed time, she's gonna make it worse. She doesn't want anybody holding her but me.

My arms and back are in pain. Holding a 14 or 15 lbs baby is not a joke. I am thankful for she is really growing normally but then again the issues with her kills me.

Argh...can't wait till she crawls or walks.

Sex addiction

It's been my habit to watch Tyra's show while checking my PPP dashboard every morning on weekdays. Today's show was pretty much interesting. Tyra's guests are sex addicts. There were two men who'se been addicted to sex since they were teenagers. A woman also confided that she was once but fought it through a friend's help. She asked for a therapist's expertise as well.

I believe it has something to do with the psychological aspect of their individuality.

What's great about it is just they shared their problems to their partners who happened to understand and willing to help them.

Convert your vinyl albums to digital recordings

Another innovation is on your way.

Your old records or vinyl albums is now convertible into digital recordings. It's so easy! Just purchase LP Saver USBTurntable at This gadget will turn your obsolete records into CDs, iPod, MP3 or any other digital files.

So check the website today or simply click the banner on top.

For lonely Pinoys

I don't have TFC or GMA connection here. Instead of paying for it, I managed to watch my favorite shows on my PC screen.

I have bookmarked numbers of sites but then only two are updated daily. So if you wanna be happy, watch your fave shows on and

I might purchase in the coming years but for now, I will just stick to these 2 websites.

Have a wonderful stay in Budapest

Just like anyone else, I am also dreaming of spending some time in other places countries or cities with historic scenery like the ones in European countries.

If ever I will lead my way there, I would include Budapest in my itinerary. I heard from a friend that it's one of the best places to visit. She said there are Budapest holiday rentals for hotels or apartments, cars and a lot more in that area and the rates are really affordable. Her vacation was full of fun for she saved big bucks because of it.

She actually gave me the website for future reference. I already bookmarked by the way.

Hackers next target

I just read an article regarding internet predators which will later on be cell phone predators as well. For now, hackers infect thousands of PCs with special viruses and lash the machines together into "botnets" to pump out spam or attack other computers.

Sooner or later, our cell phones will be the next to be in danger. According to security researchers, cell phones, and not just PCs, are the next likely conscripts into the automated armies. This sounds very alarming.

I am just hopeful or I guess security software for cell phones will be developed like what our PCs have. This will be a new challenge to everyone of us.

IT Planet offers discount hardware

Just so you know, IT Planet offers discount hardware. Check out for more details about this offer. In case you want any such as bar code label printers, barcode scanners, touchscreens for POS, as well as a large selection of security cameras security cameras and systems, feel free to visit the website.

It's time of the year to shop and enjoy the discounted products. You will save up to 54% on security cameras, 58% on barcode scanners, 59% on barcode label printers and up to 47% on Portable Data Terminals.

Visit the website today.

Good for you Cristy Fermin!

Sorry to Fermin's fans but I honestly dislike this person.

The article I read today really made me laugh. Hahaha...good for you! Better shut your mouth if you have nothing to say but all lies.

Cristy Fermin is suspended for two months. According to the statement thrown by ABS-CBN, the talk show host violated certain provisions in relation to her statements during the October 5, 2008 episode of ‘The Buzz’.” In that episode, Fermin alleged that former actress Nadia Montenegro secretly gave birth to a child out of wedlock two years ago.

With that, the former actress filed a complaint at the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board on Tuesday against Fermin over the on-air charges.

Getting ready for Halloween

Time flies so fast and Halloween is right approaching. It's like it happened yesterday and few days from now, I will be seeing kids on the road for trick or treats wearing their Halloween costumes.

Oh yes, I had my own Halloween experience just like anyone else. Let me share here a sort of it. Last year, my husband's friend hosted a Halloween party. So there I was wearing my costume. Hubby and I were a pirate couple that time. It was freaking awesome. The party was full of surprises and all. Everybody wore their costumes and doing some crazy stuff.

Anyways, I am not working now. Hence, I do appreciate and enjoy looking at decorations every establishments have. Houses around in the subdivision I am at also have decorations. You will really can determine if they have kids because of those.

Since my baby is too young, we are not going to decorate, yet. We are just gonna dress her up with something scary and funny this Halloween.

Speaking of dressing up, I think we need some for the upcoming Halloween party. I am now looking for halloween costumes at This website that I am browsing  has a wide variety of products for everyone.

So if you are looking for one as well, check it out.

Dropping and saying byebye for tonight

Usually, I drop EC at night after I have put my daughter to sleep. I am actually in the middle of dropping now and it's already 12:11AM. EC loads so fast now and I am thankful for that. I don't wanna spend too much time waiting.

After this task, I will be proceeding to the kitchen. It's time again to give Dannielle's feeding bottles a TLC.

I guess I have to leave my blog now and keep going with my EC drop.

I wanna thank as well those who did not forget to drop EC on my two blogs.

Jazz Up Your Kitchen or Bathroom with Glass Tiles

Tell you what I have just discovered tonight. It's a website where we can see and purchase a wide variety of tiles. Guess how much is the marble mosaic ? Price ranges from $13.50 to $17.00 per 12x12 sheet. It's really freakin fabulous. I know you won't believe this like I did. I haven't seen this price anywhere.

Oh well, let me share here as well the kinds and types of tiles and other products they are selling. They have it categorized to give us an easy access :

  • 1x1 tiles
  • brick glass mosaic
  • irridescent glass 1X1
  • zen glass
  • stained glass 3/4X3/4
  • fushion glass and stone
  • art glass
  • loft glass
  • pebble glass
  • glass liners
  • river rocks
  • marble waterjets & and mosaic borders
  • stone mosaic patterns
  • marble mosaic
  • marble chair rails and pencils
  • marble and copper sinks
So check out today.

Got me some hoops

The shappaholic mom had some shopping tonight. I am a lucky tonight coz I was able to grab opportunities and completed the slots for my two blogs. So my earnings were partially spent for a dress and jewelries.

I bought 2 pairs of sterling silver hoop earrings online or on HSN. It's only $24 for 2 sets. Can't wait to see and wear it next week.

Just when you need a web hosting service

When I was looking for a web hosting service for my blog, there was a lot of things going on in my mind particularly about the pricing and it's features. With that, I was skeptical to purchase. I must admit I am not that intellectual when it comes to internet and so is the web hosting services. Hence, I needed one for my blog. So I begun searching and read to comprehend fully what it is all about and what's the best for my page.

My ignorance was covered by It's a website where a newbie can learn a lot. There are so many published information such as web hosting blog - industry news, trends, products and discussions. Just like when you need what type of web hosting you want for your sites or pages or blogs, you can rely on

You can also read the following information and purchase any of their products on the website :
* Top 10 Web Hosting
* Multiple Domains Hosting
* Free Domain Names
* Free Google AdWords
* Free Yahoo Marketing

So, don't make yourself like a damn about internet or web hosting, just check and your good to go.

Saying nytnyt

It's 11:03PM(CT) here. I guess I have to shut my computer off after this entry. My eyes are ready for bed but I still can't. Dannielle's feeding bottles need some extra care. So I have to go now and deal with it.

Good night everyone! Be here tomorrow and hope to grab some tasks again.

Many thanks again to 3P.

Caravan Tours Trip for 2 Giveaway

You can not resist this offer.

How would you like to travel for free with a companion? Hmn I guess everybody wants. Well here's how to get it. Log on to Once you are in, click this banner Trader Joes EXCLUSIVE Caravan Tour Giveaway and you will be redirected to the page where you can fill the form with your basic information.

This promo needs no purchase. So anybody can join provided that you are a U.S. resident and at least 18 years old.

Again, please visit the website for more information. Join now!

Do you still want this job?

It might be real stressful but as long as you are earning much and as long as you are happy with what you're doing, then go.

I do believe there is no such easy job. I read this article on MSN and just got curious about it. Just so you want to have a less-stressful job, then don't take the following :

How to get her

Eyeing for the woman of your dreams? But are you ready? If not, check out You will learn a lot of techniques, approach on how to seduce women and or how to get your girl easily.

I tell you guys, this website works. So come on now and explore it. Check out and keep in mind the latest attraction secrets at Get Girls Easily.

Butterfly award

Thanks to Mommy Lerlyn for this award. This is the first award I have for this October.

I personally love butterfly. I am a Mariah Carey fan and one of her songs inspired me to like it.

Here are what you need to do:

* Put the logo on your blog.
* Add a link to the person who awarded you.
* Nominate 10 other blogs.
* Add links to those blogs on yours
* Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Now I am sharing this award to Gladys, Jackie and Avee.,

Download music here

Music is one of my passion. I have a compilation of different discs of different music and genres few years ago but I can't figure out where the earth I placed it. I must have included it in a box full of broken discs and thrown it away when I transferred my PC in the next room.

Anyway, those discs were just a copy from the originals my friend has. I can't burn anymore as she is living thousands of miles away. Burning is the only way I can compile my music back. Yes, I know and I do believe there are websites where I can download my favorite songs. Hence, download fee is way too expensive. It's very unreasonable I think knowing that I have to pay for each download.

There are websites offering free downloads but then I am afraid to try. You wouldn't know the consequences it may bring. Computer virus is just lurking around waiting to attack.'s a headache thinking about what I have wasted.

Yesterday, I stumbled to this website where I can buy mp3 music for less that $2. Would you believe how cheap the price is? It's really is. I already started downloading by the way. Plus, It won't harm my computer which is a good thing. is place to visit. I am encouraging you guys to try this site. You'll never get wrong.

When laziness strikes

This is what I eat when I am a lil lazy at times -- instant noodles. It is just so easy to prepare. It takes more or less than 3 minutes to prepare and I am good to go.

Right now, I am out of stock. I might have to grab more tomorrow at the Filipino Store.

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Chinese milk banned in most countries

Well, what do you expect? After that tragic incident, they still think they'll gain a much more higher production and demand. Duh! the heck!

If you can remember, China's dairy products were laced with the industrial chemical melamine which caused infant deaths and sickened hundreds of consumers.

Though they are making efforts to clean their mess, still this won't erase the scar it brought.

I read an article that China is protesting about the ban they get in more than 30 countries on milk imports at the World Trade Center. They still have the face to protest, huh!

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The Latest in Google Philippines

Wanna know what it is? Alright...

Google Map Maker application has been launched in the Philippines, making it the first Southeast Asian nation where the application is available. This will provide a detailed map of the Philippines for locals, tourists and potential investors.

I believe and hope that this would sell to tourists for a brighter Philippines in the future.

Google Map Maker will let local users locate, draw, label and accurately render existing tourist destinations and create maps of uncharted areas, making these visible to tourists and investors for the first time on the Google Map Web site. The maps will include street names, house numbers, parks, forest areas and other geographical features.BW

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Ebay did shopping

Todays news is very interesting for me. Well, and why not? I am an Ebayer -- shopper and seller.

I really don't care that much if they added Bill me Later. Paypal is enough for me.
It is great that Ebay is really working hard to keep the business stronger.

Here is a sort of info about the news I am talking about.

Ebay Inc. shopped and would pay $1.34 billion for online payments site Bill Me Later and two Danish classified ad Web sites.

Two poweful online payments site have just collaborated. Paypal which was bought by EBay in 2002 has grown and had a $1.9 billion in revenue last year is being joined by Bill me Later, a company started in 2000.

Ebay said it has signed an agreement to buy Bill Me Later for $820 million in cash and $125 million in options in a deal it expects to close by the end of the year. Ebay also said it has bought Danish classifieds site and vehicles site for $390 million in cash.

The mysterious film website for Blindness

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Packing and leaving

No, I am not going anywhere but the Balikbayan box is. I started packing at 8 in the evening but it's not ready yet. I have more to pack.

I just talked to my mother and she mentioned she wants chocolates. So here I am, had to halt. We'll go back to Walmart tomorrow just for that chocolates.

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Good morning!

It's 1 in the morning and my eyes are still wide awake. Right now, I am enjoying bloghopping through EC dropping while waiting for Dannielle to be awake (feeding time). I don't wanna go to bed yet and fall asleep. My head aches everytime I wake up from a deep sleep.

A very early morning to you!

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Adobo ingredients alternative

Adobo is one of my favorite Filipino dish. Hence, I couldn't cook it here. One of the main ingredient which is calamansi (a kind of lemon) is nowhere to find.

Good thing I found this seasoning from McCormick. Tell you, it tastes like real adobo.

It's McCormick Adobo. Try to look for this in Walmart if you want your adobo on your table (just if you don't have calamansi your local).

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Drop, drop, drop

Good evening!

Let me finish my tasks tonight and I will be visiting your websites/pages after.

Once I get started, it will be hard for me to stop not unless I have already used all the allowable number of drops.

By the way, I was able to drop EC last night for this blog alone.

Wait for me guys!

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Had my day-off today

We just came home from the Mall of Louisiana. I had to buy levi's jeans for my father and older brother as requested. I paid $84 for two pairs of jeans. JC Penny is actually on sale. I paid the whole price on the first pair of jeans and 50% off on the second.

We then headed to Walmart to get our precious one a cake for her 3 months old b-day.

Talking about fun? Yes, we had at first but Dannielle ruined it when she started screaming. She was laughing and so happy at first but...well, she's a seasonal child... cry now, laugh later.

Seller's solution for international shipping

As an ebay seller, I don't offer international shipping yet. I find it so time consuming. I am also afraid the sold item or the package won't get through the buyer.

My husband as well is selling some stuff. When somebody from Canada wanted to buy one, he refused. He wasn't sure as well.

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Ice cream kayo dyan


It's my first time to eat Philippine-made ice cream here. After a year and a half, I am so happy I have satisfied my taste buds tonight.

My ice cream didn't last for a week. I finished it in 2 consecutive days. I have bought a couple of ice cream here like Breyer's and Ben and Jerry's but it lasted for weeks so hubby is the one who saves it.

Anyway, we'll be going back to the FIlipino store tomorrow. I will be sending my balikbayan box and I am buying another can of ice cream. This time it will be macapuno and ube flavor.

National Corporate Housing

National Corporate Housing is now offering a national temporary housing and property search. This is only available for individuals, corporations, insurance professionals, restoration companies. The houses are fully furnished. There are two to three bedroom units available throughout the entire Washington DC and surrounding areas during the 2008 Election. So, if you are heading that way, please call and reserve your custom corporate housing as early as possible. YOu can contact them through 703-464-5700 or 800-661-9200 for rates and and other details.

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Happy Sunday to you!

It's Sunday once again. Another Sabbath Day. I can not count on my bare hands how many times I missed the Sunday 5PM mass at the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Church.

I never been to the church here for two reasons. One is, I can't drive yet. I know how I still need to apply for my drivers license. If only I can, I could have rushed myself to the church and listen to the sermon. Secondly, hubby works on Sunday.

There are a couple of people who offered a ride but I am skeptical to accept. Our house is over 30 minutes away from theirs. Gas went up and it will cost them a fortune for that.

One day I will.

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$1,830 for a piece of cake

That expensive? Why not?

Alright, here's the whole story.

This piece of wedding cake is from Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer's ceremony in 1981. It was sold by a former royal servant who had kept it wrapped in clingfilm in an attic for the past 27 years.

It's a royal wedding history and was sold off for 1,000 pounds ($1,830) at auction. It came from one of the 23 official wedding cakes and was given to Moyra Smith who worked for the Queen Mother at Clarence House.

The piece of icing cake with a marzipan base is 23 cm (9 inch).

When investors meet and unite

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Want some brownies?

Talking about sweets? Here it is.

I was craving for brownies last Sunday. Hubby was so kind for bringing me to Walmart to shop for the ingredients.

He is proud as it was my first time to bake fudge brownies.

By the way, I ate everything on this dish.

Diamond Bay Investments Inc.

My husband is burned out from the kind of job he does. He's a public servant and so tired of all the crap he is facing every now and then. Few years more and he can retire.

We've been talking actually of the benefits he's getting on the right time. First, we will be paying our mortgage balances. Secondly, we will be off for a long vacation. Last but not the least is investing for something beneficial.

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Early bird

It's 7:12 in the morning here. My daughter woke up so early and so mama has to as well. My mind is still wanting to rest but lil boss is holding it.

I am feeding her right now. Once she's done, I will be back in bed for an hour or two nap.

Good morning by the way. Have a great day ahead, too.

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Filipino store in Baton Rouge

It was my first time to shop at Pinay Gigi Filipino Store yesterday. The store is more or less 30 minutes drive from where I live.

Gigi sells Pinoy and Asian goodies/products such as canned goods, seasoning, snacks, frozen and a lot more. She is also an affiliate of FOREX balikbayan box.

And because I missed my paborits in the Philippines, I filled my bag with most junks as shown on photos.

It was so fun meeting Gigi and her family. She is such a blessing. Hopefully, the store's gonna last long and more goodies on the racks.

Pinay Gigi Filipino Store is located at S. Chactaw Drive, Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Decision Logic

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Getting addicted

EC now is like a pill for me. It keeps me stay late at night.

Talking about fun? EC dropping brings the best of it. I get to know a lil bit about bloggers and read a lot of blogs of different topics worldwide. Blogs that I haven't tasted since I engaged into blogging. EC as well keeps my hands busy while waiting for any assignments to pop.

Mostly, my effort from bloghopping or dropping is being paid off. I get responses as well.

Web design professionals

Web designing is one of my frustrations. Hence, it will only remain as is. I tried to keep going then but it's really an arduous job. I realized it is not my forte.

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13 Most Overused Résumé Phrases

Are you applying for a job? Is your resume ready? Whether it is or not, try reviewing it. You might find errors that would lead you to not getting the job.

Read these 13 clichés overuse on  résumés and how to rephrase each one into a strong one.

Cliché No. 1: "Strong communication, customer service and organizational skills."
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Cliché No. 2: "Introduced new products."
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Cliché No. 3: "Track record of success."
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Cliché No. 6: "Go-to person."
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Cliché No. 7: "Team player."
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Cliché No. 8: "Served as company spokesperson."
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Cliché No. 9: "Partner with others."
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Cliché No. 10: "Spoke with existing customers on a daily basis."
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Cliché No. 12: "Managed cross-functional teams."
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Cliché No. 13: "Resolved customer difficulties quickly and tactfully."
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This is what I want for my car

I don't own a car but sooner or later, I will get myself one. Sure thing, it will be a volkswagen. This is a dream of mine for years now.

Once I have it, I will be buying a vw turbocharger to keep my car rolling and blowing.

By the way, sells such product as well as turbo, superchargers and nose covers. You can choose from either new to used or remanufactured parts.

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Scarlet marries fiance


She is one of my favorite actresses. I like her style of fashion. This lady just got married.

Actress Scarlett Johansson married Ryan Reynolds, her fiance for almost four months. If you can remember, the engagement happened in May of this year.

According to the US Weekly report, a small wedding took place at a resort outside Vancouver, British Columbia. Melanie Sloan, her mother and brother, Adrian Johansson were among the guests.

Johansson is 23.

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