Gustav threatens

I live just an hour drive to New Orleans. This will be my first hurricane experience.

My husband is supposedly off from work today but then, they were obliged to as part of their job, public service. He's been working since 3 in the morning and can't barely take a break from their post. Hopefully, he'll be able to come home early as we have preparations to do as well. He has to take some stuff in the shed as Gustav might tear it off.

Hurricane Gustav is forseen to hit the coast of Gulf of Mexico tomorrow, Monday, September 1, 2008. Gustav dropped from a Category 4 to a Category 3storm overnight, but forecasters warned it could gain strength from the gulf's warm waters before making landfall as early as Monday at approaximately 7 in the morning.

Mandatory evacuation was ordered by Mayor Nagin of New Orleans took effect Sunday morning for the city's vulnerable West Bank. Traffic is so heavy from South to the North. The mayor also named Gustav as "the mother of all storm". They've beens saying that this is a lot worser than Katrina. New Orleans is still recovering from the damages brought by Katrina last 2005 and here is Gustav again, threatening the city.

A hurricane warning was issued for over 500 miles (800 kilometers) along the Gulf Coast from Cameron, Louisiana, near the Texas border to the Alabama-Florida state line, meaning hurricane conditions are expected there within 24 hours.

Forecasters aren't so sure with their predictions, whether the storm should make landfall somewhere between western Mississippi and East Texas, where evacuations were also under way. It is too early to know whether New Orleans will take another direct hit.

Everybody is in full alert now. Some are fear to death.

Let's pray for everyone's safety.

Hurricane Gustav

Another Hurricane is hitting the Atlantic Ocean. It's named Gustav has been used for five tropical cyclones.

Let's go back time and discover the damages done by this freaking hurricane.

This first Gustav happened on 1984 and spent most of its existence as a tropical depression hovering over Bermuda. The damages are not major though.

In 1990, Gustav threatened the Lesser Antilles but turned away before getting too close, causing no damage.

Gustav was kind in 1996 that weak storm that formed west of Africa and dissipated soon after, never threatening land.

2002's Hurricane Gustav was first subtropical storm to ever be named; strengthened into a hurricane and came within miles of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina before turning away, later grazing Nova Scotia and dying over Newfoundland.

Currently active, Hurricane Gustav is feared by many this 2008.

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Ex-comedienne Zorayda Sanchez passes away

Former actress-comedienne Zorayda Sanchez passed away Wednesday at the age of 57 due to breast cancer. She discovered her illness just last year, after which she immediately underwent chemotherapy and other treatment. The actress died after her cancer cells reached her liver, bones, and lungs.

If you could remember she made us laugh so hard with her undeniably not so blessed face which made her famous at the same time. Sanchez appeared in lots of movies before with famous actors such as Roderick Paulate and more.

She starred among the following films: "Feel na Feel" (1990); "Hotdog" (1990); "Tiyanak" (1988); "Petrang Kabayo at ang Pilyang Kuting" (1988); "Bakit kinagat ni Adan ang mansanas ni Eba" (1988); "Ready, Aim, Fire" (1987); “Takot ako eh!" (1987); "Working Girls 2" (1987); and "Bagets" (1984).

A multi-talented person. She was also a television and film scriptwriter.

Rest in peace Zorayda. Thanks for making us laugh.

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Good afternoon!

How was your day?

We just came home from grocery shopping. Pretty tired though but I have plenty to things to do.

Today is another day. Hurricane Gustav is fast approaching and it's said to hit Louisiana on Tuesday.

I might not be able to blog on that day...poor Lira!

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Thanks for the early task

Hmn...It's 11:41PM here and I am still awake but will be going to bed after composing this entry. I just finished posting and submitting my first opp for Aug 29.

If my Dannille permits, I hope to grab more tomorrow. Oh my baby, please give mama time.

Good night again! Be back on tomorrow morning.

Do what you can do now for the future

The first time I heard about cord blood banking stem cells and the benefits our children will be getting on the future, I told myself I am going to do it for my baby's sake. When I got pregnant, I have decided already but then it took a while on when. I gave birth early and so the planned and the decision didn't take place.

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Alright..Im done!

Just finished posting and submitting my last opp for today. It took awhile as I waited for a higher offer to come out. Unfortunately, there is none.

I am done for today. I completed all the slots for my two blogs.

Tomorrow is another day. Hoping to be lucky again.

Goodnight everyone!

Who's McCain's VP?

Senator McCain, Presidential candidate already have chosen and is expected to reveal his running mate this coming Friday, 11AM at a rally at basketball arena in Dayton, Ohio?

Who do you think? I have no idea or whatsoever. This party is not making that noise. They are just being simple. I can't even watch them that much on TV.

Good luck to the chosen one. Good luck to the both of you.

Renuzit TriScents transformed our home


I received the free sample of Renuzit TriScents two months ago. It has three scents in one convenient product. Since the scents are real refreshing, I preferred using it in our living area. I just gave birth then so visitors were expected to come by to see the baby.

The scent goes all through our kitchen, foyer and hall way. I told myself this product does a great job. I had a huge savings for like almost 10 bucks as I used other products for areas in the house I mentioned above. When I got the sample and started using it, I took the other products I plugged-in and retained Renuzit TriScents.

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When the sample was totally used up, I included Renuzit TriScents in my grocery list and purchased two of it when we went to Walmart. One for the living area and one for our bedroom.

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Ahhhrrgg... life is great. Did you know that everytime triple P releases opps, my daughter is awake and hungry? Just like this morning, I had to feed her while being alert with my PPP tasks. I am just glad I grabbed 4 opps, 2 for each of my blogs. I need two more to complete the slots.

Hope to reserve again later if there is more.

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And the winner is...

Yesterday was the end of a contest initiated by Allen. It started last May 26th. The contest is about love stories on her site. Viewers shall have to read each one of it and cast their vote to the story they think interesting.

My love story was one of the option and bagged the prize. THanks to all my friends for casting their votes. Didn't expect I have that many in the blogosphere.

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Can't find the comment

I just moderated a comment I got last night but couldn't find it. It's just that it's very interesting as it was an offer from an advertiser. He offered me to review their product and will be sending me a sample of it.

I've been checking but I got so tired as I have over 800 posts. Oh gosh! I messed up. I should have just copied the link earlier. My bad!

Eat healthy and be wealthy

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is our key to a healthier and longer life.

I just finished watching "The Sproutwells", a unique cartoon show with vegetables and fruits are the characters. I love the character of Romana as I can relate to her. She's the mom in the family who takes care of the house and the children. She is just a soft-spoken vegie-mom. The show is pretty much enjoyable. Watch the video as well. Don't forget to watch it with your children around as it will motivate them to eat healthy.

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Judy Ann Santos plea dismissed!

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If this won't be settled, Judy Ann will have to say hello to a jail term of two to four years with a fine ranging from P30,000 to P100,000. As per Philippine law, failure to report income amount is an enough ground to make the taxpayer liable for tax evasion charges.

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822 posts to date

That's the total number of posts I have created. This entry in not included yet. I can't believe I have composed that much. My day is incomplete without posting even if it's the simplest hello to blogosphere.

I am looking forward of reaching a thousand posts or more.

'Lil busy with this

What kept me busy for a while? Well I just created a photo show for my precious daughter, Dannielle. I want to preserve some important pictures of her online and to share to my friends and relatives or to other viewers how pretty this girl is.

I was enjoying creating this photo show on Roxio online . There are only three steps to follow and pictures are available or can be viewed online. First is to upload photos and even video clips as well. Followed by customization of design wherein we can choose the styles from the given option. We can also add music to it and a lot more. Lastly, the sharing part which we can do through email, web page, blog, DVD — even cable TV! It's for free but if you want a larger selection of it's features, you can purchase the software for a very reasonable price.

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Done with my tasks

After hours of waiting, at last I am done with my two opps from SS. Had to wait for my lil boss to fall asleep. What a long day for me. I am just glad that SS gives us 12 hours to complete the task. If not, sorry for me.

Thanks SS!

How to achieve Victory Hair

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I have been talking about "Victory Hair" on my previous posts. I know you have been wondering what victory hair means. Alright, I will give you an idea about it. Hope you would be able to comprehend the sample I am giving here. For instance, you met someone around. You give one another a chance to know each other well. Time comes and you feel you have found your soul mate or your perfect partner. With that, you agreed of doing this thing called for "married couple" only. That's what "victory hair" is...messed up hair after doing such activity.

How to achieve it? Everything can be done smoothly according to plan. Planning takes a great role to achieve Victory Hair. So, before anything else, start making one. Here are the steps which may be helpful or you can add or omit some from here for your Victory Hair :

1. Show that "look" to the person you like.
2. If he/she responds, try talking in a nice way.
3. If you feel he/she is liking you as well, ask for phone number.
4. Call and make her/him comfortable with you.
5. Ask and set for an evening date.
6. Watch a movie and eat at fine dining.
7. In the car, start holding her hand up to the face and neck...that's how to start a "Victory Hair".

Flirting is fun but it comes with limitations, of course. If you are dating somebody or married, I don't recommend you flirt. If that's the case, you can try your flirty behavior by logging on to Play the Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship. It's an online flirting game and feels like you are in a reality flirting game show. I tried playing and it was so fun. Feels like real.

Try it as well and win the Ultimate Flirting Championship.


I woke up late this morning and when I checked my PPP dashboard, all available opportunities where already taken. So I just checked SS. I just kept on clicking the opportunities I am allowed to take. It wasn't bad though as I was able to reserve two opps. I am done with the first one and I am still working on the second one.

I'll try my luck later if PPP releases.

The look for a victory hair

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Do you have your signature look? The "look" I am talking about here is your facial expression... especially the eyes. This is to show your interest to other people and or other sexes. Hmnn...I guess we all do possess it. If not, we won't be able to attract friends and most of all we won't be able to meet our partners.

The picture above was the "look" I had when I was still single. I am not being conceited but I was able to attract men. I think just three men (wink). I am not pretty enough but it worked. If this attracts you, tell me. Just kidding...hehe. Anyway, this "look" was my charm that's why I hooked this gorgeous man in my life now. He married me, imagine that? I was really thinking nobody will take me seriously then. To make it shorter, "Victory Hair" is being achieved. Meaning, I don't give that look to anybody else anymore.

By the way, speaking of "look" which is connected somehow to flirting, please do check out and play this flirting game online...the Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship. My curiosity pushed me to try on playing. I enjoyed the game that much and repeated it. Try your flirting behavior here as well. I am telling you it's more than what you can imagine. It's like you are in a real game show, a real Ultimate Flirting Championship. Have fun and enjoy!

Done playing? What's your score?

Million Dollar Friend Award

Thanks dear Mye for this award. I love your message. It boosts me as a woman. Thanks again! More awards and tags please...

"the newest Mom on the blog with one cute little daughter. We know that its not that easy raising a kid away from your homeland, but she pulls it though..." - Mye

Wow! I really appreciate it Mye. Indeed, it's true that child rearing isn't that easy here. We used to have everybody way back home who supports us. Now we really have to stand firm and strong here.

I am giving this award to the closest friends I have in the blogosphere and beyond...

twerlermz' blog, Dabawenya Babe and everyday life

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Thanks Glad

I was upset earlier for some reason and thought of going home where I have everybody to lean on. Having a baby requires too much of my time and to give it 24 hours a day is arduous for me. But then my husband complained when I asked him to watch Dannielle first while I do my other tasks.

I sent a message to Gladys and thanks to her she enlightened my freakin' mind.

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Italian priest organizes beauty contest for nuns

Whhhhhhatttttt? Shocked?

Yes folks! Rev. Antonio Rungi, an Italian priest said he is organizing a beauty pageant for nuns. What the heck! According to him, this is for the nuns to be visible within the Catholic Church and to fight the stereotype that they are all old and dour.

This contest is entitled ""Miss Sister 2008" which is about to start this coming September. But hey, don't expect you will be seeing nuns on their bathing suits. This is different. Nuns are to show their talents and not their bodies. Actually, I think they are going to wear their veils.

This priest is absolutely awesome! Imagine he thought of something like this. He knows he's gonna face criticisms but then he is courageous enough to pursue it.

I know criticisms are now flocking. For me, there is nothing wrong with it. It's not against the law of God. As long as they are not showing what they shouldn't show as nuns then it's alright. Just this way, there are nuns who dream of becoming a model, endorsers, artist or to be in the entertainment world but then again the call of our Lord is the most important. With this pageant, I think they are given a chance to fulfill such elusive dream.

I wonder if my Aunt is joining. Hmn...I am going to call her mother tonight just to find out. In fairness, she is more than qualified though. She is just so pretty. Born with talents. Most of all, a kind-hearted woman.

I will be looking forward to this.

I am a Catholic.

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Online seller's solution

I just started selling stuff online particularly on ebay. It's just little stuff for now. In my mind, I want to have an online store which will eventualyl happen in time. I am going to make it come true.

As a buyer, I noticed that some sellers are not using ebay's payment solution. They entrust their accounts on other websites.

When time comes and I become a seller, I will will be connecting to Merchat Focus, a service merchant account and payment gateway provider. They provide service to Internet, mail/phone order, retail, and auction businesses.

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Shopping for baby

My baby Dannielle received lots of gifts from family and friends. With those stuff, I was thinking then we already have everything she needs. Now that she's gotten bigger, I just realized that we still have plenty of baby stuff to buy.

Shopping online is very convenient for me as my baby get sick everytime we go out or it must a car sick. I found lots of stuff at The website is complete with all the products needed by pregnant women to babies like crib bedding.

Just showing her other side

I'm telling you guys that Dannielle is something. At an early age, she has a temper. She is so hard to calm down. Just like when she sneeze, you can hear an annoying noise from her. If she's hungry and she cries coz she is not given the attention right quick, oh boy! she'll throw her feet and won't drink her formula right quick.

Her actions make me smile and laugh sometimes though. She is just so cute to look at.

Being worthy

Why should my DNA be sent into space? video above will basically speak to that. Though such video was made funny. It is actually real! I am a human being. I act as one though there are animalistic behaviour I possess but it still makes me as a highest form of animal in the universe. My DNA will represent that human are exceptional. More so, human are are prettier and uncomparable to other species.


In connection to this DNA thing, I am encouraging you to check out the website. Play the Tabula Rasa. It's an awesome game with all the high end effects you can never imagine. Just simply sign-up and you are good to play for free. Sure will you're gonna love this game. Click Operation Immortality: Leave your Mark. Save Humanity. and you will be directed to the website.

Any opps?

Triple P released lots of opportunities early this evening. But then I only got 4, two for each of my blogs. As usual, advertisers require blogs with PR to take the opportunities.

I guess it's "better luck next time, lira". Jak, hurry up! your Uncle loves you tonight but then you are not online.

Prediction of Bill Schmick

An International Mutual Fund wizard predicted a bit higher percentage in the market. Bill Schmick's prediction is absolutely right. The rate of oil has lowered down but then there is no positive effect on the market. Check A Few Dollars More With Bill Schmick to be more informed with the current situation of the stock market.

How to wear your favorite denims

Almost everyone love wearing denims - a pair of pants, skirt, top or dress. If you wanna look great with you denims, read the article of Ronnie Andren published on MSN. Sure will you're gonna learn how to mix and match. Here are the do's and don'ts on wearing denims :

1. Don't make a mini even mini-er by pairing with heels. (If you do opt for the short styles, pair them with flats to counterbalance the hem.)

2. Do try a fitted denim pencil skirt. It's just as sexy as a miniskirt but in a polished, uptown kind of way. Read full article here.

Auto body repair expert

Looking for an auto body repair expert in your locality? Here's the answer. Check or visit There is a form wherein you just have to type your zip code and click enter. Few seconds after that, you'll be given results of what and where experts are located.

That easy. Bookmark the website as well for future reference. =

Another week ahead!

Happy Sunday!

It's the last day of our rest. Tomorrow is another day to start the week. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

My weekend is a little bit rough. My little boss won't let me sleep last night. She just wanna be awake 'til 1AM. Though she was calm, I can not leave her alone.

I'm going back to bed and catch some sleep while she's still down. Bye for now!

It's your turn!


"The only ones who fail are those who do not try."

I have been keeping the motto above as my relative source of confidence. There are times when I do not want to try or do certain things. Afraid that I may not be able to do it perfectly and be criticized about it. I am perhaps a little bit insecure with the gifts given to me by our Creator. Skeptical with my own uncertainty. With most everything.

Just for instance, blogging. I was thinking then "I can not do it!". I am not a writer. I am not perfect with foreign language -- the English language. I am not an intellectual being.

Thanks to a friend who encouraged me and here I am. Composing words I never thought I can. Making noise in the blogosphere. Making friends with bloggers. Composing entries to just earn money.

If I look back and never tried it, I might be regretting now. What I earned is priceless. Never will I find this from just going out with friends around my locality. I am very happy with everything I gain from doing my craft online -- from friends down to money...

"The only ones who fail are those who do not try." I have already left such motto to Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity. That motto will be sent into space this October if posted before the end of August. You can check out my note with 904 as my ID.

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Happy weekend!

Hello blogosphere! Hello World!

It's my rest day today -- rest from catching opportunities. My arms are sored from carrying Dannielle. Glad she is asleep now. She was cranky last night til morning.

After composing this entry, I will be in the kitchen. Time to wash and sterilize her feeding bottles. Argghh...too much things to do now that I have a baby. I might just give her away to Jackie (lol).

Well...bye for now. Be back when I can.

Future life saver


I hate to see anybody in pain. Suffering from the illness they never wished to have. If only I have a healing power, I will use it to eliminate a person's disease. Hence, I am only human. I am not the Creator and I don't have a say of who should get sick and not.

Technology and more research have gone a long way. There are studies which is said to cure fatal illnesses. Just like the innovation of C'elle. If this research will grow far, more and more people will benefit from this. Not only ourselves as a woman, but as well as our family.

Through C'elle, women can make use of menstrual blood which is often discarded. The stem cells from menstrual blood has a potential to treat fatal illnesses. It can possibly treat major diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, MS, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. It can also be applied as cosmetics for anti-aging and wound-healing.

So if you value your future, your family (first degree) and the world, purchase C'elle now for only only $499. A limited-time is offered and you can save $200. . Visit the website and start your purchase. You can also watch C'elle Client Testimonial for your own review. Click the About the Science to learn more about C'elle and stem cells.

Her first shot

Two weeks ago, we went to see Dannielle's pediatrician. The clinic is just 5 minutes drive away from our home.

My baby is perfect according to Dr. Kelly, a sub-pediatrician that day. She was given a shot of HB which really broke my heart. Next visit, she'll have four additional shots. I dunno if I want to be with her coz I hate to see her in pain. I might just wait for them out from the patient room. Whew! I hate to think about it now.

Win a new laptop!


This ain't a joke. You can own for yourself a new laptop and it's free. Here's what you have to do. Order any Charter Communications service online. That purchase would automatically enter you to win one of 30 HP Compaq Presario C770US Laptops of $600 value each. Plus, if you order online, you will receive a Free Shell gas gift card which is over $100 value. The first winner will be announced this coming September 1st. So hurry and be the first to win one of the Charter Laptop-a-Day Giveaway brought to by Charter Communications.

This promo is awesome! You can not get this from anywhere. It's like you really didn't spend that much. The gas rate is way too high and receiving it for free is a great deal.

By the way, you can choose from any of the three services being offered online. Just select from the following :
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Just take a look back at the prices above. A high-speed internet for $19.99 a month? I've never heard such offer. That is so affordable.

So guys, ask your parents to purchase one for you. Moms and dads, get it now. A laptop is a laptop and it cost you a lot if you purchase it. This is a one huge offer. Take advantage of it.


Christmas is fast approaching and gift giving is part of it. I already shopped for my sisters but haven't yet for my brothers. They want levi's jeans and I already promised to buy it for them. Hence, prices are way too expensive. I am skeptical whether to purchase or not. Need to compose myself before Monday.


ABF U-Pack Moving for students moving to college

Moving for college is not that simple. There are bunch of things to bring with you like clothing, gadgets, appliances and more. You need help of course. That's what Upack Moving is there for. They make student moving easy for a service so affordable for the pocket. Here are what Upack Moving can do for you :

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Good morning!

Wazzup blogosphere!? I am an early bird today. My baby has been awake since 4AM and it's already 7:21AM here. Glad that she's calm though. She's just looking at the pattern I posted in front of her to stimulate her brain and eyes. I'll put her to sleep or perhaps on her swing after composing this entry.

Be back later.

Future plan for our family


I think it's common for every family to plan ahead for the future. Prior to getting married and pregnancy, my husband and I have made plans. Most of it has been done already.

Now that we have a baby, our future plans are more for her. We want to open a savings account for her education. As much as possible, we want her to send her to a private school. When she'll start schooling, I will start working as well to give her the best life she'll ever have. A life which we haven't experienced when we were her age.

So much to that, now I wanna share a debt problem we had. My husband was injured few years ago. Unluckily, he wasn't ready for that. He didn't purchase insurance thinking nothing would happen to him but he was wrong. A nightmare took place. He had a major surgery which broke his ribs and other parts of his body due to car accident. Good thing he's fine after hospitalization. with no abnormalities or whatsoever. So just think of what happens to an uninsured person on that situation? Because of that, he was drowned with debts. Til now, we are paying some of it which will eventually be paid off this year.

With all the debts we have, I tried logging on to to take Bills IQ quiz. A girlfriend told me about it. After taking the quiz and reading the results, I began to think and realize that we can make it. We will be fine in the future. We just have to do's advice and that is Debt consolidation to resolve our Credit card debt.

I am inviting those who want Debt relief to take the BillsIQ quiz as well to get Debt help like we did.

Why Men Fall Asleep After Sex

Do you ever wonder why your partner sleeps right away after sexual intercourse? I never notice this before. Thanks to this information I just read.

Try reading this article as well. It'll help you understand more your partner's sexual health. Share this info to them.

Sex and sleep

According to Dr. Billy Goldberg, co-author of Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?, there is little direct evidence explaining why men fall asleep. However, the chemicals oxytocin, prolactin, gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) and other hormones all contribute to “that roll-over-and-snore feeling” because they facilitate sleep.
Read full article here.

$150 worth of Magellan’s Gift Certificate is waiting for you

Los Angeles, California, the first city and state of America where I first stepped my feet on. My fiance, now husband met me at the airport last year after my long flight from my home country. We stayed in the said city for days and spent our time touring in some of the most beautiful spots California has. I still can remember how funny the incident was. Chad and I had to separate our ways as I had to go to the ladies section of the mall. He went to the men's section of course. We agreed to meet at this certain area after shopping. What happened was, I forgot where I was on that time. The mall is huge and I lost myself. We spent more than two hours looking for each other. It's a bit stupid but we laughed so hard afterwards.

Next year, I will be spending time in California with my baby and husband. We are planning to have Los Angeles tours and meet some of my friends around the area. I am getting more excited and looking forward to it.

New York is one of the best placees to visit as well. The state has so much to offer to tourists as well as to local residents. One is the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center. If you are planning for a trip in New York, you can include Top of the Rock on your itinerary. Check out for your tickets, hotel and more for the best deals. Trusted Tours and Attractions offers discounted tickets to the best sightseeing tours in 23 cities across America. You can also get online travel guides on the website.

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Sign-up now!

Happy and sad tag

Thanks for this tag Eds. I really love doing tags from you. Most of are so fun. Again, give me more tags. Makes me busy and for interim as well lol.

Start Copy~

Here are the Rules:

1. List the things that make you Happy and those that make you Sad.
2. Add your Blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other Blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

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  • Being with my family - husband and baby dannielle.
  • Communication with my family in the Philippines.
  • Blogging.
  • Earning and be able to give my mother way back home some grace.
  • Having lots of friends who makes me laugh at all times.


  • When Dannielle is not feeling good and cranky.
  • Can't catch opportunities.
  • Can't get or buy what I want online.
  • Can't go to the mall when I want to.

What makes you happy/sad: let's talk about MJ, yesterday, today and tomorrow, janethvicy, marky, nova and wellawells.

CustomT-Shirts dot com

T-shirt lovers, here's a new website for you to check out. Try logging on to They customize t-shirts according to your taste. If you are having fun personalizing or customizing your shirts, then what are you waiting for? Click custom t-shirts and customize your own design.

By the way, aside from t-shirt customization, Customt-shirts offers promotional products as well such as jackets, buttons, hats, shoes, bag and more.

Customt-shirts offers fast shipping as well. All their products are neatly done and that's a 100 percent guarantee.

Check the website now. Have fun customizing your shirts.

Check your PPP dashboard now!

Triple P has just started releasing opportunities a couple of minutes ago. Whatever you're doing, stop it for now. Keep on pressing your F5 key.

Good luck! Happy catching!

IP Address locator

For a lot of reasons, knowing your visitors IP Address is necessary. It helps you trace your websites visitors is one.

With ip2location, we will be ablt to identify our visitor's geographical location. We can trace the following information basically the origin by just using any of it's products :
- country
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- longitude
- ZIP code
- time zone
- connection speed
- domain name
- IDD country code
- area code
- weather station code
- name.

We can trace our visitors by using a proprietary IP address look up database and technology. The most important thing here is that, we can use it without invading our visitors privacy and without them knowing they are being looked up.

This is really awesome!This is a great product for security conscious website owners.

ip2location offers products depending on our needs. They have bunch of it. WE just have to choose whether we want their data products or software products. If we can't afford to purchase any I mentioned above, of course, they provide free downloads.

Reading the testimonials amazed me more. There are lots of recommendations from customers and even experts to use this product.

Anyway, I am currently browsing the website and you know what? They traced my location. Such a perfect site! Imagine that? We can not hide from this. I am not an expert but I highly recommend this product.

So if you guys are looking for an IP address locator products, check out iP2location.

Soap & Shampoo Tag

Tagged by Eds Mommy Life. Thanks dear! You never forget me when it comes to tagging. I appreciate and love doing it. More tags to come...

::Start Copy::

1. You can include in the post a picture of your favorite soap or the sopa you are currently using.

2. Please post this in the blog which you will add in the “blogs that joined.” You can add unlimitted number of blogs as long as this tag is posted there.

3. Please link back to the person who tagged you and pass this tag to many of your friends.

4. If you have more than one blog, please post this to all of your blogs so your other blogs can be listed to the master list too.

5. Remember to come back here at DANCING IN MIDLIFE TUNE (pls. don’t change this link) and leave the exact post url so I can add you to the master list as this is one way to help increase our rankings and improve our Technorati Authority. :)

6. Tag as many friends as you can.


Dancing in Midlife Tune - Aeirins Collections - BiznHoney - Kidd Designs - My One DesireEds Mommy Life - Tasteful voyage -

~ These are some of the soaps we use ~


Soap Questions:

1. Favorite Soap: Dove
2. Facial Soap: Not using any
3. Body Soap: Dove
4. Intimate Soap: I used PH care before but then it's not available here in the US. I forgot the brand I am using now. I am tired to go the the bathroom and check lol.
5. Laundy Soap: We are using Tide. I tried Surf but then I wasn't satisfied.
6. Undies Soap: Same soap we use for laundry
7. Baby Soap: Dannielle is using Huggies, Johnsons and Lander. Any of the three.
8. Favorite Shampoo: Pantene or Palmolive
9. Favorite Conditoner: Pantene eversince.
10. Baby Shampoo: Johnsons

::End Copy::

Tagging along : fel, aimee, filipina in hawaii, flor, Jam, del, reminiscence of my adventures, my own daily rants, everyday life and great opportunities in different aspect of life.

Let's test your flirty lines

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I've watched this movie "Meet the parents" before and can't really take off my mind the line uttered by this famous actor, Robert de Niro which says "I have nipples, Greg, would you milk me?". It sounds funny, eh? Just the word nipples will work to achieve the "Victory Hair". Hmnn...I might try this as well.

Do you have your flirty lines? Do you think it will work? Let's test it by playing this flirty game online... the Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship at

I just tried playing and boy! it's real fun. Seems I am in a real flirting game. Try it, too!

Keep checking your PPP dashboard

Triple P just started releasing job opportunities awhile ago. If you have been online then you must have grabbed some as well.

Anyway, I got two for this blog as of this moment for a pretty big offer. A lil bit lucky, eh? It's like early bird, gets more food.

Don't quit pressing your F5 key. Opportunities are still popping out.

Fitness Assessment: Measure Your Fat - Not Weight

This truly relates to my husband's situation. He gained too much weight when I got pregnant. Now he's in combat with it. I will let him read about the article and let him understand this... "It's Not Your Weight That Matters--It's How Much of Your Weight is Fat". This article really opened my mind. It's true, why should we bother about our weight? WE should worry about the fats in our body as it causes complications which will eventually end our lives so quick. Common fatal illnesses heart disease and developing diabetes, colon cancer, and high blood pressure. To prevent these risky diseases, we have to watch our fat intakes and most especially we have to be physically fit.

Please read the article below as it will give you more idea of what I am talking about.

Press Release:

Fitness Assessment: Measure Your Fat, Not Your Weight
It’s not how much you weigh, it’s how much of your weight is fat.
Simple test determines your fat content, health risks.

Carpinteria, CA – August 20, 2008 - Within the past week, the American Heart Association, Journal of the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society have cited new studies that seem to indicate the deteriorating health of Americans may not be related solely to weight--but to declining overall fitness levels.

While it is virtually impossible today to remain oblivious to the importance of exercise for staying healthy, there has been a marked emphasis on “weight” versus “fitness” in western society’s perception of health and wellness. Consequently, many people of “normal” weight continue to be uniformed of the fact that they may still be at risk for elevated levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar if they lead a sedentary (inactive) lifestyle.

It has long been known that there are adverse effects associated with physical inactivity. Adults who are less active are at greater risk of dying of heart disease and developing diabetes, colon cancer, and high blood pressure. Illnesses related to physical inactivity and poor diet cause at least 300,000 deaths each year in the U.S.

Body mass index (BMI), which is calculated through a height-to-weight ratio alone has been the standard method of measuring a person’s “fatness” or “thinness” since 1950’s and 60’s, when obesity was becoming a noticeable medical concern in the U.S. As a result, being at a “normal” BMI weight is not necessarily a reliable indicator of health.

In fact, physically active individuals who have more lean tissue than their sedentary counterparts, as well as taller people, often have a BMI that classifies them as obese when they actually have healthy body fat levels. Likewise, and more dangerous, slender or thin but inactive individuals often have a BMI that puts them within normal, or even underweight, ranges when they actually have high levels of body fat.

Because of the overemphasis on BMI that has developed over the last few decades, these “skinny fat” people often remain unaware that they are at an elevated risk for developing diseases typically associated with obesity until they are already facing health issues.

According to the International Sports Sciences Association, an organization that has educated and certified personal trainers for more than 2 decades, using a quick but reliable method of measuring various body circumferences (e.g. neck, thighs, upper arm, waist, hip) to assess total body fat better determines one’s body composition (fat vs muscle) than BMI alone. Measuring circumferences also provides personal trainers and clients with a very easy way to gauge clients’ progress.

“For people to begin to take a proactive approach to their health, they really need to know what their percentage of fat versus muscle is.” said Dr. Sal Arria, CEO and Co-Founder of the ISSA. Dr. Arria goes on to add, “most studies have shown that by just adding ONE circumference measurement at the waist to BMI, you can better predict a patient’s risk for type 2 diabetes and for all-cause mortality. Waist circumference is also about twice as good at predicting future coronary heart disease than BMI alone.”

The ISSA believes that personal trainers and health clubs should be utilizing circumference measurements as another tool to assess body fat because trainers can achieve proficiency with a few hours of practice and when done properly, the results can be replicated.

Patrick Gamboa, ISSA Vice President of Education, cautions that a person’s true fitness cannot be assessed by body measurements alone. True fitness must also take into account strength, aerobic capacity and flexibility measurements to most accurately predict longevity. Most gyms offer this type of assessment for free to their members.

About the ISSA
Since 1988, the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) has provided certification and continuing education to more than 100,000 wellness professionals in 85 countries around the globe. The ISSA offers a core personal training certification as well as eight additional specialized fitness certifications.

Dead man stands throughout 3-day wake

When I read the headline, I really thought this man woke up from the dead. This happened in Puerto Rico. The late Angel Pantoja Medina has been granted his wish to remain standing upright on his wake. According to him when he was still alive, he wanted to be happy and that is by standing. This 24-year-old man was dressed in a Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses and was mourned by relatives while propped upright in his mother's living room.

I can't stand this kind of set up even if it's a wish. You know why? I am afraid of death and the like. Photo by AP

Webhostingrating dot com

We have to be keen enough in choosing a web hosting provider for our websites. One great positive move is to check whether such provider is giving a 100 percent guarantee to it's customer. We also have to search for feedback, reviews and other customer reactions about this certain web hosting provider. is the answer for it. It provides searchers of which web hosting provider makes it to the top. Their ratings is unbiased as it is based on the customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and technical support.

My recommendation is highly given to this website for providing costumers with the web hosting rating which is truly a huge help in choosing a web hosting provider.

Auto approved posts

I am somehow lucky today as I grabbed three opportunities for this blog. Thought I won't be able to reserve this afternoon as we went to the mall. When we came back, all available opportunities for me were already taken. I didn't lose my hope though. I still kept on pressing F5 key. Thanks God as the gray ones turned into white. It's incredible!

My other blog needs one more opp. I am online now and I'll try to keep on refreshing the dashboard and who knows? one opp will turn it's side on my favor.

Morey’s Piers specials

Planning a vacation? If you haven't been to New Jersey, then give it a try. There are a lot of tourist spots to see and vacation place to stay in.

One of the great New Jersey attractions is Morey’s Piers, the best amusement park in New Jersey. It's perfect for the whole family, friends and more. They offer waterparks, amusement rides and hotels or dining. If you are planning for a sort of gathering like birthday, Morey’s Piers will provide a convenient place for you to enjoy. This is like everything is one blow.

Here's what you are really looking for -- discounts. Morey’s Piers offers a weekly special to give you more savings. Choose from any of the following as specials can not be combined with any other offer :

  • Mory's Magical Mondays. So every Monday, prizes will be given randomly to lucky some guests. These prizes may be any of the following :
- wristband upgrades
- free food and games
-special amenities and party packages

July 7, 14 and 21, some of Radio Disney’s hottest artists will perform LIVE at 1pm and 4pm on Morey’s Mariner’s Landing Pier and this is for free.
Best deal on All-You-Can-Ride wristbands! Tuesdays, July 1st - August 26th from 12:30pm until 6:00pm. Waterpark admission is not included in this package. Adventure Pier opens at 4:00pm.
Xtreme ride and enjoy unlimited rides on all six roller coasters AND AtmosFEAR.
Wednesdays, July 2nd - August 27th from 12:30pm until 6:00pm Waterpark admission is not included in this package.
Buy a 3 Pier All-You-Can-Ride Daytime Wristband (amusement only, waterparks not included) good until 6pm for only $30 and you get a FREE All-You-Can-Eat buffet with tacos, hot dogs, all the fixins, salad, dessert and drinks, served from 5pm-7pm in beachfront Picnic Pavilion next to Raging Waters on Morey’s Mariner’s Landing Pier. More games are available as well.
Raging Waters Waterpark on ALL three Piers. Fridays, June 27th - August 29th from 10:00am until 6:00pm. This offer is not valid on July 4th. Also, Ocean Oasis is not included in this package.
Ride underneath Coca-Cola’s weekly fantastic fireworks display! Fridays, June 27th - August 29th from 10:30pm until 12:30am. Offer not valid on July 4th.

Visit the website now and get these fabulous special deals. Surprise your love ones for a family beach vacation in New Jersey.

Discrimination in America

If someone tells you "mail order bride!", how would you react?

Just in case it happens to me? Hmnn...God knows what I am gonna do. I would definitely fight back.

I brought this topic up coz I just read an article regarding a harassment experienced by a Filipina nurse in Chicago. According to her, a male employee in his “20’s to early 30’s" raised his right hand and said, “Mail-order bride in the house" at the Swedish retail giant H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) last October while she was shopping. She reported this to the manager but then the store head refused to help her and infavor his employee.

Just imagine how rude those people are. They really think that Asians came here as mail-order-brides. Well, enough for this as I am getting aggreviated while composing this entry. You can read the whole story here. Also, you will learn here what to do in case this happens to you.

Learning photo editing

Supposedly, we had our first family studio shots yesterday. We weren't able to make it as we we're 15 minutes late with our appointment and Portrait Innovation said they had to reschedule us. It pissed Chad off. On our way home we tried contacting another studio. They priced a $150 just for the reservation which is way too expensive. We we're both devastated. Our excitement tunred into anger.

I remembered about the program or software my previous employer has. So I suggested to Chad to just try Corel or Photoshop. We went to Office Depot and looked for those software. I am telling you now, it's really expensive. Arghhhhhhhh...! What can we do?! We tried and tried and we came across Photo Impact Pro13. It's just over $89. With the price, we we're able to save. The software is pretty good though. It has over 200 features which I am exploring and learning now. Hope to master this thing.

I will start editing pictures of Dannielle on my vacant time.

Concentric Business Solutions

I just finished checking out and learned basic information about the products and solutions they offered. Amongst are the following :
# Web Hosting
# Domains & DNS
# Email Hosting
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# Hosted IT Services

The email hosting and starter plans are very affordable and is best use for business starter. These plans include the following features :

* Hosting - 1 page hosting for Business Email, standard hosting for Basic
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* Perimeter Email Protection - For organizations with their own on-premise email server(s).
* Tools & Applications
* Google AdWords Credit — Call Sales for more information
* Service Level Agreement (SLA)
* 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Great features for a price so affordable. With that, my recommendation is highly given to Concentric. Purchase now and get shared web site hosting as part of the plan.

Entrecard droplist

I am currently building my entrecard droplist. If you are interested to join, please don't forget to leave your links here so that I can include you in my EC droplist.

Let's work to gain more traffic. Happy bloghopping and dropping! Thanks!

1. twerlermz' blog

HelicopterAccidentAttorney dot com

Honestly, I never had an idea that there is a helicopter accident lawyer til I bumped to Since this website and the information are really new to me, I really digged into it. I read some basic interesting information. This is for those who love to fly on a helicopter. It is one the most dangerous kinds of aviation accidents. Though helicopter has a huge advantage especially if you travel in an area where the road is nowhere to find. Accidents happen like a thief in the night. You'll never know when it will occur. There have been numerous helicopter accidents as reported which is caused by some of the following kinds of accidents :

# Engine Failure
# Pilot Negligence & Error
# Helicopter Design Problems
# Problematic Weather
# Air Traffic
# Aircraft Violations

Nevertheless, if you are amongst the victim and you need a lawyer to handle and help you with the case, just log on to This is the best website to check on for this matter.

Francis M is ill

I just find out that Francis Magalona is suffering from leukemia. Francis M. is Philippines master rapper, songwriter, host,actor, and a person with a good heart.

Pia Arroyo(wife) confided that her husband started exhibiting symptoms of the disease around March of this year. The doctors say it's treatable and Francis is still optimistic that he's gonna be fine. The family already announced to the public the need of blood to replace the initial ones he already consumed in the hospital . Since Francis is well-loved, fans and and friends started coming in droves to the Medical City in Ortigas, Pasig City to donate blood.

Last August 14, he sent a text message to his Eat Bulaga family and to viewers stating " "Ngayon meron akong isang pagsubok na dapat daanan at ang hiling ko lang ang inyong pang-unawa at suporta. I have been diagnosed with leukemia and I am preparing for my treatment. Sa tulong ng Panginoon kakayanin ko po ito. Abangan ninyo ang aking pagbabalik. ‘Di ko lang kayo miss, love ko kayong lahat."

Get well soon!photo source

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Blessed : pregnancy tag

This tag is from Pinaymama. Thanks Joy for this cutie tag. Motherhood is fun and yet the most tiring job I ever have. It's a roller coaster. Sometimes, my baby is so great but sometimes she is so cranky. Nevertheless, she's the most wonderful blessings my husband and I have.


Moms Who Played Along:

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Preggy Facts:
1. Who did you first inform about your pregnancy and how?
::: Hubby but right when we arrived at the hospital, I sent a text message to my family and Jackie :::

2. Maximum weight?
::: I was around 134 lbs :::

3. Cravings?
::: I craved for green mango or anything salty.:::

4. Aversions?
::: everything was stinky and nasty. :::

5. Morning Sickness?
:::I suffered till the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy:::

D Day Facts:
1. Number of Kids/Deliveries?
:: 1 :::

2. NSD or CS?
::: CS:::

3. Girl or Boy?
::: girl:::

4. AOG (age of gestation) on Birth?
:: 39 weeks:::

5. How long in labor?
::: I was on labor for 12 hours. Arrived at the hospital at 3AM but Dannielle came out at 4:11PM. I was dilated for 3cm only and that made the doctor decide for an incision. We just found out right after Dannielle was born why it took that long. Her ambilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Thanks God! :::


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Food Label

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Second auction success!

I am starting to love this selling thing. Feels great when the items are sold quickly. I just listed this pair of shoe yesterday and when I checked my ebay account this morning, I have a message stating that the item was bought. I am still waiting for the buyer to pay me. Hope she'll send it tomorrow that I can start sending the package.

Who's calling?

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Missed catching

My little boss was cranky when PPP released job opportunities this morning. When I browsed my dashboard, all available opportunities were already taken. I was able to reserved one though when I woke up at 8AM. I just posted it now after 4 hours.

Hope to catch more later and hope my baby would cooperate. Better luck next time as they say.

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Vanessa Hudgens sued by producer

Filipinos are proud Vanessa for achieving such a huge step in her career. Now she is walking on a lil rocky road as her producer has sued her for $5 million for claiming violating repeatedly a contract and failed to pay him his share of her earnings.

Hudgens, one of the stars of Disney's successful "High School Musical" series, entered into an agreement with producer Johnny Vieira when she was still a minor, the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, states. Vieira claims Hudgens and her father, Greg, sued to get out of the agreement, but have also failed to abide by settlement terms.

In anyhow, I am hoping this case be settled. Good luck Vanessa on your career. photo source

It's time to transform

Varicose vein is one of the common problem women has and I am not excluded to that. I have been dealing with my varicose veins for a long time. Sometimes, it hinders me from wearing the wardrobes I want to wear especially on special occasions such as wedding and other parties. I know there are varicose vein specialists who will really transform my legs to a better one. Hence, I am hesitant of whom to trust.

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Hurray bloggers!

PPP released numerous job opportunities a couple of minutes ago. Check your dashboard now! Some of the opportunities here are already taken but I am still patient. I still keep on pressing the refresh or F5 key. There is always a chance for any of those opps to be available. Speaking of it, the gray just turned white and I got the opp.

I am leaving you for now. Need to post this and catch some more for my second blog. By the way, I completed all the slots for this blog.

Blaze Media Pro Multimedia Software

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