Chistmas wishlist


A wishlist is always part of Christmas. Everyone wants to give and receive something special. Mine is so precious and full of simplicity. Today, I have filmed my wishlist for this holiday. If you want to know it, you can watch the video above.

I have done shopping and completed my list. For my daughter Dannielle, I shopped online and picked a Smart Builders Piano from Megabrands.

Just so you are not done shopping and wrapping your gifts for your kids or big kids perhaps, I suggest to browse for a wide selection of educational, award winning, price- friendly and quality toys. A dora and diego magic is just one and is perfect for your girl.

2 responses:

Zen Ventures said...

Hello Kabayan! Kumusta? Glad to find you here via EC drop. COme by and visit me sometimes :)

simplyjacy said...

you have a very nice voice!
you should sing more often.
i am also hoping to have a white christmas. it has been snowing here lately and hopefully it will be by then.