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Choosing a life path is a huge decision to make. If you just want luxury, work for it. Mine is not as luxurious as what others have. I say so as there are common things or stuff I want to have but limitations hinder it.

For an instance, I want to own a BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Titanium cellphone. There are certain reasons why and let me share it one by one. Here are those :

  • 1. It's small and stylish. Size does matter to me as I have tiny hands.
  • 2. It has built-in 1.3 Megapixel camera and MP3 music player. Taking pictures is one one my hobbies. There are times when I forget bringing my camera in certain places and I want to take pictures of my daughter. Having a cell phone with camera will save it. More so, bringing IPODs and or MP3 occupies a space in my purse plus it's weight which makes it uncomfortable to hold.
  • 3.I talk a lot on the phone with my family way back home, friends and my husband. A 210 minutes is more than enough for a day or two and that it's not recharging my cell phone everyday is not necessary.
There are a lot more to say but I have to halt to give you more information about great cellphone deals online. ifreecellphones has a lot to offer for cell phone buyers. On the website itself, you can compare cell phone deals and choose which of which fits your style the most.

If you want a blackberry storm, get this Verizonwireless Storm for only $199 with free fast shipping.

Here is one of my favorites, the ATT Blackberry Bold. Make it yours by clicking the link here.

For those who wants to stick with Sprint, a Samsung Instinct Black or Sprint Instinct phone is a great deal.

Take a pause and review all the best offers from Verizon Wireless. You will see a huge difference if you compare to other dealers online.

All of the products I have mentioned above and more on the website are on sale with free shipping. So start shopping for the holidays today.

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