Female caddies


Superwomen in a golf course? Hmn yes I call these female caddies with such name. And why not? They can absolutely do anything with regards to golf and in the golf course such as the following :
  • keep golfers company during the rounds
  • help with course arrangements like orientation, introduction to course personnel, call in food and beverage orders, maintaining scorecards, shopping assistance in the golf shop and other services designed to replicate the five-star assistance provided by major hotel concierges staff
  • repair divots, fix ball marks, clean balls, clean clubs and help with yardage, ball flight and obstacles.
  • serve as a personal hostesses during the round to eliminate any hassles or drudgeries and make the experience more pleasant, enjoyable and fun
Their personalities towards work and entertainment are superb which make customers keep on coming back. Golfers especially men can not resist these extremely attractive and outgoing young lady caddies who will keep them company during their round.

Experience all that I mentioned above and more with the Female Caddy Service of Waltersgolf, Las Vegas Golf Courses and Royal Links Golf Course.

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