Filipino store in Baton Rouge

It was my first time to shop at Pinay Gigi Filipino Store yesterday. The store is more or less 30 minutes drive from where I live.

Gigi sells Pinoy and Asian goodies/products such as canned goods, seasoning, snacks, frozen and a lot more. She is also an affiliate of FOREX balikbayan box.

And because I missed my paborits in the Philippines, I filled my bag with most junks as shown on photos.

It was so fun meeting Gigi and her family. She is such a blessing. Hopefully, the store's gonna last long and more goodies on the racks.

Pinay Gigi Filipino Store is located at S. Chactaw Drive, Baton Rouge Louisiana.

2 responses:

Steve said...

I am married to a Filipina, and we shop at GiGi's store every week. I am hooked on Siopao (steamed buns with pork or chicken inside) and Skyflake Crackers. Of course, Edele gets some other stuff that only she and her Mom and sister will eat, haha.
GiGi is a very nice lady and has a very neat little store, which seems to have new items every time we visit.
Since it is a small store, some times you need to press the buzzer to get someone to come to the door (for security reasons, I guess). But it is a small inconvenience to have access to so much from the Philippines.
We still do a little shopping at Vyn Phat, but only for those items which GiGi does not carry. But we get ALL of our Filipino items at GiGi's!

Hulsey said...

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